Learn GitHub Flavored Markdown

Easy Document Formatting2 H 49 M

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  • Fundamentals
    • Overview
    • Writing Markdown
  • Text
    • Italicizing Text
    • Bolding Text
    • Striking Through Text
    • Adding an External Link
    • Creating Headings
    • Creating a Blockquote
    • Creating a Heading with Underline
    • Adding an Internal Link
  • Lists
    • Creating Lists
  • Images
    • Adding an Image
    • Creating an Image with a Link
  • Tables
    • Creating a Table
  • Code
    • Inlining Code
    • Creating a Code Block
  • Above and Beyond
    • Creating a Task List


2 M

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  • Episode Description
  • Transcript

Markdown is a alternative to other markup languages such as HTML. There is a version that is a little more 'fancy' called GitHub Flavored Markdown. In this series, you will find out what GitHub-Flavored Markdown is as well as how to accomplish quick format tasks that simplify creating structure and some styling.

[MUSIC] Welcome, everyone, to your Learn GitHub-Flavored Markdown series. I'm your host, Cherokee Boose. Today, I'd like to introduce Mr. Justin Dennison. He's gonna be the one guiding you through this topic. So Justin, I've gotta ask, what should I expect from this series? >> So this series is fairly entry level and is meant to give you a working proficiency of writing in GitHub-Flavored Markdown. Some of the things that you'll learn how to do are creating headings, adding images, adding links, adding tables. Well, in addition to that, further, more specific, like adding code blocks, adding little code snippets, and, well, adding to-do lists to your markdown documents to further organize and help you get the look that you hope for. >> Okay, so who has really been the target audience, or what should we expect as far as how this show has been tailored? Like what are we looking at here? >> This is very introductory. It is meant for kind of a grab bag, right? You can just pick and choose. I need to know how to create headings. I need to know how to create links. How do I make a table of contents? Well, those are also probably links, so you just can grab those individual pieces. There are a few shows that are tailored toward developers or people who are working with code snippets. But, by and large, whether you're a writer, whether you're someone technical, or not, this has something for you if you're writing documents in Markdown. >> Should I expect to get some kind of certification from this traning, or are we really looking at skill set based? >> This is definitely a skill set based training. It is, as I said, meant to be a reference material for you where maybe you don't watch it from beginning to end every time, or even at all. You go, I need to know how to make headings, I need to know how to make a table. You go and watch that particular episode to accomplish the tasks that you need to accomplish with your respective Markdown documents. >> Great, that sounds awesome. And if you agree, then stay tuned. [MUSIC]