RESTful API with Express

Where's the data? Express to the rescue!7 H 54 M

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  • RESTful API with Express
    • Overview
    • What is RESTful API
    • Building a Simple Express Application
    • Our First Middleware
    • Our First Middleware Part 2
    • Building Our Routes
    • Building Our Routes Part 2
    • Data Modeling
    • Data and Routes
    • Data Persistence
    • Data Persistence Part 2
    • Adding Locations
    • Adding Locations Part 2
    • Refactor Models


3 M

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  • Episode Description

In this series, we creates a RESTful API using the Express web application framework. Justin review the process of setting up a Node-based project as well as installing the Express Node module. After that, Justin discusses important concepts and processes that are key in developing a RESTful API such as creating routes that correspond to data resources, data modeling of those resources, use of middleware to make the API a little more robust, and adding a persistence layer to the API. RESTful APIs are abound when developing software, so if that sounds like something interesting to you, then join us!

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