PC Maintenance 2020

Basic PC maintenance, repair and troubleshooting3 H 34 M

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  • Overview
    • Overview
  • Overheating
    • Dust Buildup
    • Fan Failure
  • Slow Computer
    • Low Disk Space
    • File Fragmentation
    • Startup Issues
    • Malware
  • Network Issues
    • Network Adapter
    • Wireless Issues
  • Boot Issues
    • Power Supply
    • Boot Devices
  • Drive Issues
    • File Corruption
  • BIOS Issues
    • CMOS Settings
    • Updating Firmware


3 M

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The PC Maintenance 2020 course is designed with the average non-technical user in mind. The goal of this course is to demystify the language of basic PC maintenance, while empowering the viewer with the ability to perform basic tasks to help maintain their PC without all of the technical jargon that is usually associated computing technology. The viewer will look at maintaining storage devices, reducing dust and debris, firmware updates, component replacement, startup and networking issues and more.

[MUSIC] Hey we're talking about the new course PC maintenance with Wes Bryan, Wes, how are you? >> I'm good. >> Tell us a little bit about yourself, and what the course is all about? >> Well I've been teaching tech courses now for the past 10 years and typically what I teach, or basic computer components, basic hardware skills, basic networking skills and even basic computer security skills. And, I've been teaching people on how to pass various courses. One of the courses that I teach Mr Conte a plus and it really gets people set up to do like help desk, work as an IT technician. In the industry may be doing break fix, fixing computers, and again just helping people get their computers straight. >> Okay, well now PC maintenance, that's a new course we're launching. Tell us a little bit about that. >> Well, I wanted to put together of course, that would give people just a basic overview of some of the different things, that various things that they can do to keep their PCs up and running. And that's really, if you maybe have issues with your hard drives, if you have issues with any of your storage devices, maybe power issues, network issues, maybe you have problems with overheating. We can, just take a journey together and we can kind of figure out how, one of the things that what are some of the things that causes this. What are some of the things that we can, look for? And then finally, how can we solve some of these issues? >> Well, I will tell you this, I'm in your target audience, but who is this, of course targeted towards. >> This is really just for anybody, anybody that's, they do it yourself or the person that maybe is at home and isn't sure if they can do some basic troubleshooting and some basic PC maintenance. This is really for them, we live in a day where working from home is very, very important. Working remote is very important. And one of the reasons I really like putting this course together is, so that those people that rely on those computers so much that really mean a lot to them. They can take some basic steps to maintaining them, and keeping them operational. >> Is there a certification involved in the course. >> No, this isn't a certification course. So, we're gonna try to strip out a lot of the specifications in jargon, and where acronyms and jargon might come in. Try to properly define that, so that you don't have to have certifications under your belt to understand what we're talking about. >> Keep the alphabet too minimum. >> That's right, keep it too minimum. >> So, what topics are going to be covered exactly in the course? Well, we're gonna take, we're gonna take a look at things like overheating issues, and we'll look at overheating and how it affects different various components. We're gonna look at things like some of the storage, problems that we have with storage, whether it be your computer running slow, whether it be maybe the hard drive or solid state drive has failed. We'll look at things like that, power issues. We're gonna look at networking issues as well. We'll look at some things that happen on wired networks. We'll look at some things that happen on wireless networks, will also take a look at things like firmware, and what we can do when it comes to firmware and some of the issues that we could face. So, just generally all around, it's gonna be from top to bottom. Some things that you can do inside of your PC to again make them operational or stay operational, I should. >> Sounds like an exciting and educational course, I cannot wait. And, if PC maintenance is something that you'd be interested in, and I think you should be. Make sure to watch all the episodes in our course, library and thanks for watching and learning with ITPROTV. >> Thank you for watching ITPROTV,