Accredited ITIL® Intermediate - SOA

Service Offerings and Agreements7 H 53 M

The ITIL® Service Transition focuses on processes in the Service Strategy and Service Design stages of ITIL ®and helps you earn 4 credits toward becoming an ITIL® Expert.

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  • Accredited ITIL Intermediate - SOA
    • Overview
    • Setting the Stage: Logistics and Expectations
    • ITIL Foundation Refresher
    • ITIL Foundation Refresher Part 2
    • The Big Picture of Strategy and Design
    • The Big Picture of Strategy and Design Part 2
    • The Service Portfolio Management
    • The Service Portfolio Management Part 2
    • The Service Portfolio Management Part 3
    • Service Catalog Management
    • Service Level Management
    • Demand Management
    • Supplier Management
    • Supplier Management Part 2
    • Financial Management for IT Services
    • Business Relationship Management
    • Technology and Implementation
    • Sample Paper Review
    • Sample Paper Review Part 2


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  • Transcript

The Service Offerings and Agreement series will focus on processes in the Service Strategy and Service Design stages of the ITIL Service Lifecycle. It is a Capability Module that prepares for you an examination that earns you 4 credits toward your ITIL Expert credential. Tune in now as Cherokee and Terry Decker you learn ITIL SOA.

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen. If you're looking for ITIL service offerings and agreement information, then you're in the perfect place because we have expert ITIL trainer Mr. Terry Decker in studios. How are you doing today, Terry? >> Doing super, Cherokee. >> So Terry, what are we gonna be looking at in this particular series that's coming up? >> Well, service offerings and agreements is one of the capability modules in the ITIL curriculum. Some of the modules are based on lifecycle stages individually. The capability modules draw from multiple stages in the lifecycle. SOA, Service Offerings and Agreements, it borrows from service strategy and service thine and combined processes in some operational context. We'll be looking at seven different processes within service strategy and service design that deal with how you appropriately offer services to customers and how you broke those agreements with those customers and maintain your supplier contracts as well. So, it's a good course in depth and in breadth, it also prepares you for an exam. We spend a lot of time doing some exam preparation for this, and successful passing of the exam gets you four credits towards your IT expert credentials. >> So ladies and gentlemen, I hope you enjoy the course that we've prepared for you. Stay tune for more information.

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