Accredited ITIL® 4 Managing Professional Transition

Accredited ITIL® 4 Managing Professional Transition23 H 38 M

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  • Introduction to the ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition Course
    • Overview
    • ITIL® 4 Managing Professional Transition Exam
  • ITIL 4 Foundation Overview
    • ITIL® 4 Key Definitions
    • ITIL® 4 Key Definitions Part 2
    • ITIL® Guiding Principles
    • Guiding Principle: Focus on Value
    • Guiding Principle: Start Where You Are
    • Guiding Principle: Progress Iteratively, Feedback
    • Guiding Principle: Collaborate, Promote Visibility
    • Guiding Principle: Think and Work Holistically
    • Guiding Principle: Keep it Simple and Practical
    • Guiding Principle: Optimise and Automate
    • Four Dimensions of Service Management
    • Dimension: Organisations and People
    • Dimension: Information and Technology
    • Dimension: Partners and Suppliers
    • Dimension: Value Streams and Processes
    • The Service Value System
    • The Service Value Chain
  • Create, Deliver, & Support
    • Create, Deliver, Support, and Service Value Chain
    • CDS: Organisational Structures
    • CDS: Team Capabilities
    • CDS: Team Culture
    • Customer-Orientated Mindset Employee Satisfaction
    • CDS: The Power of Positive Communication
    • CDS: Workforce Planning
    • CDS: Results Based Measuring and Reporting
    • CDS: Culture of Continual Improvement
    • CDS: The Value Stream for a New Service
    • CDS: Waterfall vs Agile Project Approaches
    • CDS: The Value Steam for User Support
    • CDS: Managing Queues and Backlogs
    • CDS: Prioritising Work
  • Drive Stakeholder Value
    • Drive Stakeholder Value and Service Value Chain
    • DSV: The Concept of the Customer Journey
    • DSV: The Importance of the Persona
    • DSV: Supplier and Partner Relationships
    • DSV: Customer Relationships
    • DSV: Mutual Readiness and Maturity
    • DSV: Designing Digital Service Experiences
    • DSV: Selling and Procuring Service Offerings
    • DSV: The Onboarding Process
    • DSV: Fostering Relationships
    • DSV: Elevating Mutual Capabilities
    • DSV: The Offboarding Process
    • DSV: User Requests for Services
    • DSV: User Communities and Feedback
    • DSV: Measuring and Managing Feedback
    • DSV: Measuring Service Outcomes and Performance
  • High Velocity IT
    • High Velocity IT and the Service Value Chain
    • HVIT: High Velocity Terms and Definitions
    • HVIT: High Velocity IT Objectives
    • HVIT: High Velocity Four Dimensions Service Mgmt
    • HVIT: High Velocity and the Service Value Chain
    • HVIT: High Velocity and the Service Value System
    • HVIT: The Digital Product Lifecycle
    • HVIT: The Key Behaviours of High Velocity IT
    • HVIT: Ethics
    • HVIT: Safety Culture
    • HVIT: Lean
    • HVIT: Toyota Kata
    • HVIT: Lean, Agile, Resilience, Continuous
    • HVIT: Service-Dominant Logic
    • HVIT: Design Thinking
    • HVIT: Complexity Thinking
  • Direct, Plan, and Improve
    • Direct, Plan, Improve and the Service Value Chain
    • DPI: Control Scope and Goals Cascade
    • DPI: Policies, Controls and Guidelines
    • DPI: Decision Making Authority
    • DPI: Risk Management
    • DPI: Governance
    • DPI: Sufficient Control Levels
    • DPI: Organisational Change Management
    • DPI: Identify and Manage Stakeholders
    • DPI: Effective Communication
    • DPI: Establishing Feedback Channels
  • Sample Exam
    • The ITIL4 Managing Professional Sample Exam Pt1
    • The ITIL4 Managing Professional Sample Exam Pt2


6 M

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  • Episode Description

Based on AXELOS ITIL® material. Material is reproduced under license from AXELOS. All rights reserved. ITIL® is a registered trademark of AXELOS Limited, used under permission of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved. This overview details what to expect in this series, and who is eligible to take the ITIL Managing Professional Transition exam

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