Accredited ITIL® 4 High Velocity IT

ITIL® 4 HVIT14 H 49 M

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  • Introduction
    • Overview
    • HVIT Exam Overview
  • Terminology
    • ITIL 4 HVIT Terminology - Digital Organization
    • ITIL 4 HVIT Terminology - High-velocity IT
    • ITIL 4 HVIT Terminology -Digital transformation
    • ITIL 4 HVIT Terminology - IT transformation
    • ITIL 4 HVIT Terminology - Digital product
    • ITIL 4 HVIT Terminology - Digital technology
  • The Five Objectives
    • The Five Objectives of HVIT
    • The Five Objectives - Valuable investments
    • The Five Objectives - Fast development
    • The Five Objectives - Resilient operations
    • The Five Objectives - Co-created value
    • The Five Objectives -Assured conformance
  • HVIT in the ITIL Framework
    • HVIT and the four dimensions of service management
    • HVIT and the ITIL service value system
    • HVIT and the service value chain
    • HVIT and the digital product lifecycle
    • HVIT: Organizations and People
    • HVIT: Organizations and People
    • HVIT: Partners and Suppliers
    • HVIT: Value Streams and Processes
    • HVIT: External Factors
    • HVIT: SVC and DevOps
  • Models and Methodologies
    • HVIT Key Behaviors and Methods
    • HVIT and Ethics
    • HVIT and Safety Culture
    • HVIT and Lean culture
    • HVIT and Toyota Kata
    • HVIT and Lean / agile / resilient / continuous
    • HVIT and Service-dominant logic
    • HVIT and Design Thinking
    • HVIT and Complexity thinking
  • Creating the Valuable Investments
    • Valuable Investments for the Service Provider
    • Using Prioritization Techniques
    • Creating Minimum Viable Products
    • Product or Service Ownership
    • A/B Testing for Valuable Investments
    • Portfolio mgmt. to achieve Valuable Investments
    • Relationship mgmt. to achieve Valuable Investments
  • Fast Developement
    • Overview of Techniques
    • Infrastructure as Code
    • Loosely-Coupled Information System Architecture
    • Continual Business Analysis
    • Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery
    • Kanban
    • Architecture management for Fast Development
    • Business analysis for Fast Development
    • Deployment management for Fast Development
    • Service validation, testing for Fast Development
    • Software dev't and mgmt. for Fast Development
  • Resilient Operations
    • Resilient Operations Overview
    • Technical Debt and Chaos Engineering
    • Becoming Resilient: Definition of Done
    • Becoming Resilient: Version Control
    • Becoming Resilient: AIOps and ChatOps
    • Becoming Resilient: Site Reliability Engineering
    • Availability, Capacity and Performance Management
    • Becoming Resilient: Problem Management
    • Service Continuity and Infrastructure Management
  • Co-creating Value
    • Co-creating Value Overview
    • Co-creating Value: Service Experience
    • Relationship management to Co-create Value
    • Service design to Co-create Value
    • Service desk to Co-create Value
  • Ensuring Conformance
    • Assured Conformance: Overview
    • DevOps Audit Defense and DevSecOps
    • Assured Conformance: Peer Review
    • Ensuring conformance with Info. security mgmt.
    • Ensuring conformance Risk management
  • Exam Preparation
    • Using the Sample Papers
    • Exam Best Practices


5 M

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  • Episode Description

Starting our series off by introducing the theme and background of High Velocity IT in the ITIL 4 framework. *Access to this content requires an exam voucher*

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