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The ITIL® v3 qualification scheme is still a preferred methodology by many IT teams. Start earning your qualifications with this ITIL® Foundation exam prep course.

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  • ITIL Foundation
    • Overview
    • Introduction to ITIL Foundation
    • Introduction to ITIL Foundation Part 2
    • Service Strategy
    • Service Design
    • Service Design Part 2
    • Service Transition
    • Service Transition Part 2
    • Service Operation
    • Service Operation Part 2
    • Continual Service Improvement
    • Exam Prep Sample Paper C
    • Exam Prep Example Paper D


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Based on AXELOS ITIL® material. Material is reproduced under license from AXELOS. All rights reserved. ITIL® is a registered trademark of AXELOS Limited, used under permission of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved. In this episode, Daniel and Terry give a general overview of what to expect in the upcoming ITIL Foundation series. They cover topics like who is the intended audience, what the scope of the series will cover, and what are some specific topics that will be addressed.

[NOISE] In this segment, we'll be taking a look at what we can expect from our upcoming ITIL Foundation series. Now, Terry, you've joined us, so graciously, and we thank you for that. Why don't we go ahead and start with who is the intended audience for this upcoming series? >> It's a good question. ITIL covers a wide range of topics. This is the foundation course. So it actually can target anybody that works in IT, whether you work in operations in a day to day function or whether you are an executive that works at the strategic functions and all points in between. A lot of organizations adopt ITIL to expand the organization across various functions. So if you are an IT, this is the topic for you. >> All right, well if you're looking for the Cisco class, this isn't then, right? So now that we know who is actually looking at this why don't you give us a general idea of what we can expect from the series. >> Sure, one way I describe this to lay people that ask me, what do you do. And I tell them I'm an ITEL instructor. It's effectively, business skills for IT people, right? It describes ITIL functions as they relate to the business. And I can give you a brief overview, here on the slide here. In that, it starts with an overall description of ITIL. But then it digs in to service strategy, it moves to service design, service transition, service operation. And then wraps it up with fundamentals of continual service improvement. So as you can tell it is covering a wide expanse of detail at a foundation level which means that you're going to get a superficial rendering of the entire ITL course books. >> All right and anything specific that you want to say about what we're going to learn in the series itself? >> Yeah, I think the way to approach this is that, understand you're gonna have some self study, right? And while you'll get a lot of good information and conceptual hooks to hang this knowledge on when you go through the episodes. Your self study is gonna be important and the primary way to do your self study is to focus on some practice exams. And there's two available, I'm showing you an example now, happens to be called sample papers, they're practice exams. Sample Paper C and I'm just scrolling through here. You can see that the exam ends up being 40 questions, this mimics the real exam. So obviously, they're not the exact same questions, but this is very similar in format, and complexity and it covers the same concepts as the real exam will. And you've got two of these. And these also are accompanied by the answers to the exam, so if you take sample paper C you also get another handout that has the answers and the rationale for why that answer is correct. And at the foundation level the rationale is It's because it's correct a lot, it's the right answer, right. Not necessarily a full blown explanation. So, I think be ready to do your self study these two practice exams are gonna be the key methods of that sell study and review, all right. And you can use the answers and the rational to reinforce what you've learned through the episodes. >> I guess the final question I would have for you is can you tell us a little bit about the exam itself? What can we expect as test takers, the time constraints, questions, signing up, anything you can think of? >> Sure, we'll there's 40 questions on the exam and you get 60 minutes to take it. That average about a minute and a half, well exactly a minute and a half per question. So it's a pretty good clip, you just roll through the exam and answer them. And it's the type of exam that it's only testing at, it's testing your knowledge. It's not testing your ability to analyze and implement ITIL, it really is a lot of recall. So, there's a lot of wrote memorization involved and conceptual awareness as opposed to deep dive analysis and synthesis. Right, so, it's pretty quick. There's only one right answer for each one. You gotta get 26 out of the 40, so the bar is not super high, 65% that turns out to be. 26 questions correct out of 40 and you are considered certified at the foundation level. That's how the exam looks. And the downloads that are available if you look around the screen. You'll get a choice to download the episode files. Those practice exams are zipped up in there so you can get those. Including the answers and the rationale. There's the veritable goody box of other things, too. There's instructions on how you can join the ITSM community of forums. So you can come in, log in, get to the forum and have conversations with experts like me and other instructors as well as other candidates, the people trying to get the certification. So you can post your questions and get good answers there. The course materials, affectedly the slide deck if you will, it's not in powerpoint formats and pdf format, but you get what I'm presenting in paper form, there's ways to get access to that. Instructions for how to get there, and also instructions for how to redeem discounts for your actual exam, as well as to buy books, like if you want to buy the ITIL library books, those five core publications or some pocket manuals. And things like that, so there's four deliverables that are associated with the two exams and two answer sheets. And then there is another download that will give you instructions for how you can redeem those discounts for all those resources including the courseware. All right. >> All right. Well, Terry, thanks so much for explaining this to us. And if it sounds like something that might be interesting to you, well we look forward to seeing you in the upcoming episodes. [SOUND]

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