CompTIA Linux+ (XK0-005)

Tools and skills for Linux systems administrators.17 H 39 M

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  • Getting Started in Linux
    • Overview
    • What is Linux?
    • Linux Distributions
    • Installing Linux
  • Linux Command Line Interface and Utilities
    • Using a Terminal in Linux
    • Linux Command Line Interface (CLI)
    • Getting Help in Linux
  • Application and Software
    • Installing and Managing Software with DNF
    • Installing and Managing Software with APT
    • Supporting Sandboxed Applications
    • Building Applications from Source
  • Files and Directories in Linux
    • Navigating the Linux File System
    • Working with Files
    • Locating Files
    • Searching with grep
    • Working with Regular Expressions
    • Working with File Archives
  • Linux Administration
    • Super User Privileges
    • Managing Users
    • Managing Accounts
    • Managing Groups
    • Working with File Permissions
    • Advanced File Permissions
    • Localizing Linux
    • Troubleshooting Linux Performance
  • Managing Storage
    • Basic Linux Storage Concepts
    • Creating Partitions and Volumes
    • Creating File Systems
    • Mounting File Systems
    • Linux Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
    • Logical Volume Manager (LVM)
    • Troubleshooting Disk Access
    • Troubleshooting Disk Performance
  • Shell Scripting
    • Creating and Executing a Script
    • Controlling Input and Output
    • Using Programming Constructs
  • Containers and Automation
    • Introduction to Containers
    • Automating Containers
    • Automating Hosts
    • Change Management with Git
  • Linux Boot Process
    • Basic Linux Boot Process
    • Exploring the Linux Kernel
    • Troubleshooting the Linux Boot Process
  • Linux Networking
    • Configuring a Network Adapter
    • Configuring Name Lookups
    • Network Troubleshooting
    • Copying Files Across a Network
    • Accessing Servers with Secure Shell (SSH)
  • Linux Security
    • Securing RHEL with SELinux
    • Securing Ubuntu with AppArmor
    • Configuring a Linux Firewall
    • Certificate Based Authentication with SSH
    • Securing a Web Server with SSL
    • Alternative Authentication Methods in Linux


4 M

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Course description: Linux + introduces learners to Linux, an open-source operating system which is available to anyone seeking an alternative to mainstream operating systems. This course will cover Linux fundamentals such as; installing and configuring Linux, securing Linux, managing files and directories, configuring storage, scripting, containers, automating tasks, networking, and troubleshooting Linux. These topics are presented in a distribution agnostic manner which is suitable for all distributions of Linux. This course will prepare learners to pass the CompTIA, Linux + certification exam and prepare them to support Linux in the workplace.

You're watching I T pro T V. >> Hello ladies and gentlemen, thank you for tuning in to the Compton Lennox Plus course overview we'd like to take a little bit of time and tell you about what you can expect. I'm gonna be your host in this series. My name is Wes Bryan and I have been a technical instructor and working in training camp to courses for a variety of years now. But the person that we're here to talk about is Mr. Don Bizet, he's gonna be our subject matter expert Don. Can you tell our viewers a little bit about the experience you have with the subjects that we're gonna be talking about in this course? >> Sure. So like I said, I'm don present and one of the agitators here at IT Pro TV. But I haven't always been a trainer. I've worked in IT for over 25 years and I got started with Linux specifically in 1992, right, after it was released. So I've been working with it for decades. I've also worked with BSD, Solaris, BSD UNIX operating system, so I've been in that Linux culture for quite some time and I've used it both personally and in corporate environments. I have a background in the financial and insurance sectors, basically building and supporting large scale networks for those organizations and handling sensitive data. So my experience with Linux Plus comes from really from actually using it in the real world, which is something that will be a benefit to you in this course because we can tie what you need to learn for an exam objective tying it to something that you would use in the real world. >> All right, Don. So our viewers out there, what can our viewers expect to get out of this course out of this series? >> All right. Well this series is based around a set of objectives that are designed to introduce you to the Linux operating system. So if you have not used before, don't sweat it. We're gonna start out with the basics. We're gonna show you how to get it installed? How to interact? How to use the command line to issue commands really basic things, and then we're gonna ramp up to the administrative tasks that you will be expected to do as a Linux system administrator. We're gonna spend some time on system management, getting software installed updates, configuring permissions, things of that nature. We'll go through security. How do we harden our Linux structure, Linux is typically used as a server so we can be attacked. How can we protect our systems? We'll go through scripting, containers, automation, so chances to see Docker kubernetes some of the buzzword type technologies that are out there. We'll get a chance to work with those and lastly troubleshooting things. Don't always work the way that we plan for them to work. So we'll see how to troubleshoot performance, identify issues, correct them and keep our systems running nice and smooth. >> So Don some of the skills that our learners are gonna, learn inside of this course is it tied to any certification? >> It is. So this is all built around the comp TIA Lennox Plus certification. Specifically the XK +0005 exam. That's the one that launched in 2022 and is currently the latest version. So this is if you go through this course, learn the materials, get comfortable with everything, you can go and sign up for the exam when you pass the exam, you will become Linux plus certified. And it is just one example were previous versions where it was a two exam process, the XK 0.5 is just a single exam and you get the comp TIA Linux plus certification. >> So don I have worked with you for a while now and I know you have a passion for technology but what is it about this course specifically that you're really excited about? >> All right, well for me personally, I love Linux. I've worked with the operating system for a long time. It is my go to operating system for servers and I'm bringing up a server, it will be a Linux server that's almost a guarantee. And it's been a really rewarding platform for me to use. You have so many choices and so much flexibility with Linux that it really makes you feel like you are in charge, you have some power, you can actually make some things and see it's like a tangible objective that you achieve. So it's a lot of fun to work with. And with this series specifically I'm helping teach you and others new people to be able to jump in and to start to use Linux and and maybe have as a rewarding experience as I have. So I just love sharing that information with people and showing how to take these skills and tie them to real world activities that you'll use there. >> You have it ladies and gentlemen if some of these things that we have described about this course are making you as excited as Don and myself we know that you're gonna love it too. So join us as we start the camp to Lennox Plus series. >> Thank you for watching I T Pro T V.