Linux for Beginners

Getting started in Linux for new users2 H

It is designed for those who have never used Linux but want to learn the basics of the OS.

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  • Linux for Beginners
    • Overview
    • What is Linux
    • Choosing a Distribution
    • Choosing a Desktop
    • Installing Software


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Linux for Beginners is a technical skills course designed to introduce new users to the Linux operating system. This course is intended for users who are interested in learning about Linux, but have no previous exposure to the operating system. The series starts with a description of Linux and its history and then moves on to cover the graphical user interface and basic operations of the OS.

[MUSIC] Hi, thanks for watching Linux for Beginners. It is an exciting course we're offering here at ITProTV. And to tell us more about it is Don Pezet. Don, tell us about the course. >> All right, so Linux for beginners, a series we decided to create. It's really not built around a structured process, like normally it's really just designed to help people get started with Linux. And a lot of people out there have not used Linux even one single moment. But you hear about it. It sounds really interesting. It makes you seem really cool if you use it, right? So people want to get that experience. And unfortunately, most of the training that's out there jumps into the higher level, it expects you to have a lot of previous knowledge. So we wanted to create a series that didn't require a lot of previous knowledge. It could let you hop in and start to learn about what the Linux operating system is. Where it came from. And get a chance to see how you can use it or even if you should use it. Because it's not right for everybody and you might need to know it. Can you determine that? Should I even bother looking at a Linux? And this course is really designed to help with that. It's designed to be your first step in the direction of learning to use the Linux operating system as your primary OS. >> Now who would benefit most from watching this series? >> This series is absolutely geared towards people with zero Linux knowledge, right? So if you've never even installed Linux or maybe this overview is the very first time you've heard of the Linux operating system. Then Linux for Beginners is gonna be perfect for you. Because we're gonna walk you through the process of understanding how the OS works and how to use it. And it can be intimidating. You go online and you see people all these shell scripts and doing programming. It doesn't start there, right? It starts with a graphically user interface and being able to click around, being able to run applications, and do the things that you're used to. Maybe you already use Microsoft Windows or you use Apple's Mac OS and you know how those work. Well, a lot of that knowledge can transfer right over into using Linux as well. There's a lot of similarities between them, so that's where we'd get started. If you've already got a reasonable experience with Linux, if you've been using it even just as a hobbyist for a few months, then you've probably already got the knowledge of this series. And you probably wanna skip past and go to one of our more advanced show. But if you've never used Linux, this show is for you. >> Is there a certification available for this course? >> No, we chose not to follow a certification on this one, because a lot of certifications are built around more advanced knowledge. And we wanted to tailor this towards the beginner. So don't worry about a test. There's no quiz on Monday, right? It's just getting you comfortable, getting you where you're ready to learn. And once you get through this and you become comfortable with the operating system and you're able to use it. Then you can start focusing on the more advanced topics. And you can look at things like CompTIA Linux+ certification or LPIC-1 or any of the other number of Linux certifications that are out there. But at the beginner stage, don't worry about certifications yet. Just worry about getting comfortable with the OS. >> Now what kind of topics are covered in Linux for beginners? >> All right, so this show it's kind of a living project, we're always adding more stuff to it. So as we get feedback from users who say, boy I'd really like to learn how to do x or y or whatever. We'll film content and put it in there. But at a basics, we're gonna start off with a history lesson. Right, so, where did the Linux operating system come from? Who created it? Why is it free? That kind of stuff cuz it seems really odd, don't they have to make money? So we talk a little about that, where Linux came from. And then, we start to take a look at how Linux works. We take a look at the desktop, and the various desktops, cuz there's many, many different graphical user interfaces, and desktops, and windows managers, and desktop compositors that you can use. Now, some of those words I just used you might not be familiar with, we explain that. How everything fits together to create what you see on your screen and the choices that are out there. Man, it just amazing cuz you might hate one window manager. And you love another one, so switch. It's easy. It's easy to do. It's not like Windows where you have one Window manager or Mac OS where you have one Window manager. On Linux, you have a ton, you can pick. So we introduce you to that. We also take a look at how to install software, how to remove software. That's kind of daily stuff that we do in using a computer. You may have a web browser that's your favorite. And it doesn't really matter if you're on Windows, or Mac OS or Linux as long as you have your favorite web browser. So how do we get that installed in Linux, how do we use it and maintain it? How do we keep it up to date? Those are all things that we're gonna take a look at right here in Linux for beginners. >> Well, if this series sounds like something you'd be interested in, and it should be, you wanna check out Linux for Beginners, thanks for watching. [MUSIC]