LPIC-2 Linux Engineer (201-450) (In Production)

Advanced tools and skills for Linux engineers3 H 49 M

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  • Capacity Planning
    • Capacity Planning
    • Measuring CPU Activity
    • Measuring Memory Usage
    • Measuring Disk Activity
    • Measuring Network Activity
  • Linux Kernel
    • Kernel Components
    • Kernel Modules
    • Compiling a Kernel
    • Monitoring the Kernel
  • System Startup
    • Filesystem and Devices
      • Advanced Device Administration
        • Network Configuration
          • System Maintenance
            • Installing Programs from Source
            • Backing up with tar
            • Backing up with dd
            • Backing up with rsync

          Capacity Planning

          21 M

          itprotv course thumbnailitprotv course thumbnailitprotv course thumbnail
          • Episode Description

          Inadequately sized hardware can lead to a number of performance issues. After watching this episode you will be able to describe the metrics used to monitor system performance, utilize general tools to evaluate system performance, and describe problems that could effect key performance areas.

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