LPIC-2 Linux Engineer (202-450)

Intermediate Linux Engineer Skills12 H 55 M

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  • Domain Name Server
    • Overview
    • Installing the BIND DNS Server
    • Creating Forward Lookup Zones
    • Creating Reverse Lookup Zones
    • Troubleshooting DNS
    • Supporting Mail Servers with DNS
    • Securing BIND with DNSSEC
    • Implementing Transaction Signatures (TSIG)
  • Web Services
    • Installing the Apache Web Server
    • Configuring Virtual Servers in Apache
    • Redirecting URLs with Apache
    • Enabling SSL Encryption with Apache
    • Installing the Squid Proxy Server
    • Restricting Server Access with Squid
    • Enabling User Authentication in Squid
    • Implementing Nginx as a Web Server
    • Implementing Nginx as a Reverse Proxy
  • File Sharing
    • Configuring a Samba Client
    • Integrating Samba with Microsoft Active Directory
    • Configuring Shared Folders in Samba
    • Building a File Server with Samba
    • Configuring a NFS Client
    • Building a File Server with NFS
    • Controlling Access to NFS Shares
  • Network Client Management
    • Building a DHCP Server
    • Configuring Multiple Subnets in DHCP
    • Building an Authentication Server with OpenLDAP
    • Managing Objects in OpenLDAP
    • Configuring OpenLDAP with TLS
    • Connecting a Client to OpenLDAP
  • E-Mail Services
    • Building an SMTP Server with Postfix
    • Securing Postfix with TLS
    • Supporting IMAP and POP3 with Dovecot
    • Using Sieve to Filter Email
  • System Security
    • Building a Router with iptables
    • Configuring Port Forwarding with iptables
    • Using iptables as a Firewall
    • Building an FTP Server with vsftpd
    • Building an FTP Server with Pure-FTPd
    • Restricting Access to SSH
    • Enabling Certificate Authentication in SSH
    • Blocking Brute Force Attacks with fail2ban
    • Scanning for Open Ports with nmap
    • Building a VPN Server with OpenVPN
    • Configuring an OpenVPN Client


3 M

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