LPIC-1 Linux Administrator (101-500)

Tools and skills for Linux systems administrators12 H 19 M

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  • Installing Linux
    • Overview
    • Installing Linux
    • Detecting Hardware
    • Linux as a VM
    • The Linux Boot Process
    • Configuring GRUB
  • Executing Programs
    • The Linux Shell
    • Managing Processes
    • Execution Priorities
  • Working with Text Files
    • Editing Files with nano
    • Search and Replace with nano
    • Editing Files with vi
    • Search and Replace within vi
  • The Linux Command Line
    • Customizing bash
    • Managing Files
    • Redirecting Data with Pipes
    • Redirecting Data with Redirects
    • Filtering Output with cut
    • Filtering Output with grep
    • Working with Checksums
  • Locating Data
    • Locating Commands with which
    • Locating Files Using find
    • Locating Files Using grep
    • Hard and Symbolic Links
  • File Permissions
    • File Ownership
    • POSIX Based File Permissions
    • ACL Based File Permissions
  • Managing Software
    • Shared Libraries
    • Managing Software with dpkg and apt
    • Managing Software with rpm and yum
  • Managing Services
    • Supporting Services in Linux
    • Introduction to SysVinit
    • Managing Services with SysVinit
    • Introduction to systemd
    • Managing Services with systemd
  • Managing Storage
    • Creating Partitions with fdisk
    • Creating Partitions with parted
    • Linux File Systems
    • Creating File Systems
    • Maintaining Filesystem Health
    • Monitoring Disk Utilization
    • Mounting Removable Media
    • Mounting Fixed Disks


4 M

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  • Episode Description

The LPIC-1 Linux Administrator certification demonstrates a basic proficiency with the Linux operating system and the ability to perform real-world maintenance and administrative tasks. The 101-500 exam focuses on understanding the Linux system architecture, managing software, basic GNU commands, and the Linux file system hierarchy.

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