LPIC-1 Linux Administrator (102-500)

Tools and skills for Linux systems administrators10 H 39 M

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  • Shells and Shell Scripting
    • Overview
    • Working with Variables
    • Basic Scripting
    • Advanced Scripting
  • User Interfaces and Desktops
    • Introduction to X11 and Xorg
    • Configuring Xorg
    • Connecting to Remote X Servers
    • Linux Desktop Environments
    • Accessibility
  • Administrative Tasks
    • Managing User Accounts
    • Managing Groups
    • Creating System Accounts
    • Scheduling Tasks
    • Scheduling with systemd
    • Localizing Linux
  • Essential System Services
    • Managing System Time
    • Configuring an NTP Server
    • Configuring an NTP Client
    • System Logging with rsyslog
    • System Logging with journald
    • Mail Transfer Agents
    • Configuring Printers
  • Networking Fundamentals
    • Understanding TCP/IP
    • Configuring a Network Adapter
    • Troubleshooting Networking
    • Troubleshooting Application Networking
    • Managing Name Resolution
  • Security
    • Auditing SetUID/SetGID Permissions
    • Managing Root Access with sudo
    • Exploring Networks with nmap and netstat
    • Hardening Linux
    • Configuring an SSH Server
    • Configuring an SSH Client
    • Encrypting Data with GPG
    • Tunneling Traffic with SSH


4 M

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  • Episode Description

The LPIC-1 Linux Administrator certification demonstrates a basic proficiency with the Linux operating system and the ability to perform real-world maintenance and administrative tasks. The 102-500 exam expands upon the topics covered in 101-500 with more detailed usage of many commands, scripting, troubleshooting and security.

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