Microsoft Windows 10 (MD-100) (Updated 2021)

Design and Implement a Device Strategy17 H 44 M

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  • Install Windows 10
    • Overview
    • Perform a Clean Installation
    • Windows Deployment Services
    • Windows ADK
    • Windows 10 Editions
  • Perform Post-Installation Configuration
    • Configure Microsoft Edge
    • Configure Mobility Settings
    • Customize the Windows Desktop
    • Implement Activation
    • Configure Printers and External Devices
    • Configure Microsoft Store Settings
    • Configure Application Settings
    • Configure and Manage Services
  • Manage Users, Groups, and Devices
    • Manage Local Users
    • Manage Local Groups
    • Manage Objects in ADDS
    • Manage Objects in AAD
    • Configure Sign-in Options
  • Configure Devices by Using Local Policies
    • Implement Local Policy
    • Configure Settings Using Group Policy
    • Troubleshoot Group Policies
  • Manage Windows Security
    • Windows Security App
    • Configure User Account Control
    • Configure Windows Defender Firewall
    • Implement Encrypting File System
    • Implement Bitlocker
    • Configure Microsoft Defender Antivirus
    • Core Isolation, Secure Boot, and TPM
  • Configure Networking
    • Configure Client IP Settings
    • Configure Mobile Networking
    • Troubleshoot Networking
  • Configure Data Access and Protection
    • Configure NTFS Permissions
    • Configure Shared Permissions
    • Configure Local Storage
    • Additional Storage Configuration
    • Configure OneDrive
  • Configure System and Data Recovery
    • Perform File Recovery
    • Recover Windows 10 microsoft
    • Troubleshoot Startup and Boot Process
    • Troubleshoot Drivers
  • Manage Updates
    • Manage Windows Updates
    • Troubleshoot Windows Updates
  • Monitor and Manage Windows
    • Configure and Analyze Event Logs
    • Manage Performance
    • Manage Windows 10 Environment
    • Configure Local Registry
    • Schedule Tasks
  • Configure Remote Connectivity
    • Manage using Windows Admin Center
    • Configure Remote Assistance Tools
    • Manage Windows Remotely
    • Configure Remote Desktop Access


8 M

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  • Episode Description
  • Transcript

In this episode, you will learn about this course and the objectives we will cover.

You're watching ITproTv. [MUSIC] Hello, welcome to the overview for Microsoft Windows 10 MD 100 one exciting course. Glad to be here. My name is Zach [UNKNOWN]. I'll be your host for this and of course Mike Rodrick, who is our Windows expert is going to take us through the whole thing, aren't you, Mike? >> Sure, gonna try Zach. >> Thank you, wonderful. Listen, before we get going, I want to talk a little bit about ourselves because that's what I want to do. [LAUGH] So I've been a host here, an entertainer here at ITproTV for going on four years. Actually a little over four years and I've had the good pleasure of working with every single entertainer here and enjoyed working with them all. And a lot of Windows background, a lot of Windows courses when in fact with Mike, I've worked with him or at least 4 or 5 courses and so that's enough about me. Let's now focus on Mike, Mike, tell us something about you. Well, Zach, I have a Microsoft instructor, I've been for some time we go all the way back to the days of Windows 2000 and I've been teaching it ever since. Love it. And in this course, you know, we're gonna be focusing in on that MD 100. I will be your subject matter expert in this course and I am certified in this. So I do hold the modern desktop Administrator Associate Certification. >> I knew he brings things in like that, showing off, but with good intention, I'm sure. So let's talk about Microsoft Windows 10 MD 100, an exciting new course. Mike, I'm a learner, what's in it for me? >> The idea is that you want to get certified right, if you're going to take this Microsoft course then you're probably, your main goal would be certification. You want to be able to Go take that Microsoft exam, pass that exam, which is one of the two exams you would need to get your Microsoft Certified Modern Desktop Administrator Associate. Now, you might just be looking for the skills, right? And learning how to deploy Windows 10 and manage Windows 10 devices, but most of you are probably looking for that certification. >> Is there any kind of prerequisite skills that I might need for this? >> You really should be familiar with working with Windows devices in general but a lot of this is going to be new anyway, so I don't think you have to have a lot of background in it. Some familiarity with, again, deploying Windows in general, the concepts of I need to roll out operating systems to multiple devices, managing those devices in a corporate environment. May be a little bit of, of understanding of what Azure is about but this course really doesn't touch on Azure that much. >> So let's talk about the actual course itself. What are the course goals, what will the episode, how will the episodes be organized for instance? >> Well because this one is certification driven, we're really gonna focus in on the objectives that Microsoft makes available on their website. So why don't you join me on my screen here and we'll take a look at that real quick. Now. This is available again on Microsoft's website. It's also in the show notes if you want to reference it there, but I just wanted to show you how this is going to break down. There's four domains or sections if you will to their objectives. Starting with this one deploy Windows 10, you can see that's worth 15-20% of your exam. And then it talks about the different parts of the things that you need to understand. So use this as a checklist. This is what I use as I'm organizing my episodes for you to watch but also use it as a checklist for yourself. So you can say look, I understand how to perform a clean installation. I can cross that one off, work your way down through these objectives and by the time you're done you should be about ready for that exam. So deploying Windows 10 is a big chunk of that exam is 1/5 of the exam. We get down to managing devices and data, that's 25 to 30% of the exam. There's a lot of information in this section, managing users and groups and devices, configuring devices using local policies, managing Windows security. Those are the topics we'll cover in that particular domain. That third domain is going to be configured, storage and connectivity. 15 to 20% of your exam objectives. Things like configuring networking, we're talking about TCPIP setting, troubleshooting networking, configuring data access and protection, understanding permissions and sharing and shared permissions and giving access to resources across the network, optimizing storage and one drive. And then that final sections, another big one. This is gonna be maintaining Windows 30 to 35% of your overall exam objectives, things like configuring system and data recovery. Right, how do I protect my Windows 10 devices if something goes wrong or protect my data against corruption or malware? Managing updates, making sure we understand how to manage that update, process, monitoring and managing Windows itself performance wise. Right, using our log files, using performance monitor, using reliability monitor, using event viewer, things like that. And then the last section of that particular domain is configuring remote connectivity. Very important in today's world, right? Because we know a lot of our workers are working remotely, if not the majority of the time, at least some of the time. So how do I let make sure that they can gain access to those resources or gain help with their device? Like how do I help somebody if they're at home on their Windows 10 device? So those are the objectives that we're gonna be covering throughout this course. >> So Mike the burning question on everybody's mind is what is the exam, like what can you expect? >> I thought you were gonna ask me for the answers. >> [LAUGH] that too. >> [LAUGH] But I know that I can't tell you anything else, that's right. But the exam itself is, it's a typical Microsoft exam but if you haven't taken one before, let me tell you a little bit about the process, right? It's gonna be 40 to 60 questions for this particular exam. They don't give you an exact number somewhere in there, slightly different for everyone that takes it. You're going to get 150 minutes to take the exam. You've got plenty of time. Don't feel rushed to make sure you take your time as you're going through those questions. Join me on my screen here, I'll give you a little more details about it. This is again from doc stop, Microsoft dot com. So you can go out and search for that MD 100 exam. Right, and what you'll see is that it is going to be 165 us dollars. There's a drop down list right there. You can use to change the country to localize that price for you. And then you simply click the button here, schedule the exam. Now, taken a Microsoft exam through Pearson Vue means you're gonna need a Microsoft profile, your exam profile. If you've taken them before then you would just fill out your information. If you haven't done one, new one that will ask you to create what I'll click on it, it's not going to have my information. But if I click schedule exam, it's going to take me to Microsoft learning where I can register and create my certification profile. If I had already had a profile with this account, it would pull up my current information, I could modify it if necessary. Then the next screen would allow me to choose the exam that I want to take and then the next screen would allow me to choose the location and the date where I want to take that exam. Now keep in mind with today's situation in the pandemic. A lot of these test centers might be closed. They might be not be allowing in person exams, but these Microsoft exams can be taken remotely. So you do need to give you a button to click on to test your network, your speed, your computer. They have to look at your room and make sure things like Windows, it's got to be quiet. So there's a lot of things involved, make sure you do that well ahead of when you want to schedule that exam to make sure that you're not giving any surprises that day up. Because you don't want to miss an exam and then have to worry about getting a refund or rescheduling anything like that simply because you didn't test your network speeds before you do that. So make sure you take advantage of that if you want to do the Online Proctor Exams. But either way Pearson Vue create your certification profile and you are off to the races taking that MD 100 exams. >> The last exam I took online I took it in my bathroom. >> [LAUGH] >> But anyway [LAUGH] we won't go into that, but Mike why are you excited about Microsoft Windows 10 MD 100? >> I really like this course because it is one of the few courses that deals with the client specifically. Right, a lot of Microsoft courses deal with the server side of things, the infrastructure which is great. But in the end of the day I have to support a lot of Windows 10 devices. I have to make sure that my end users can use their device. They're working properly. They've got access to the resources they need and this is the course that's going to help me be able to do that. So that's really what excites me about this course. >> Well I'm excited about it too and I'm sure you will be as well. At least you should be and that's why you should watch every single episode that will be in our course library. Thanks very much for watching. We'll see you soon. [MUSIC] >> Thank you for watching [SOUND] ITproTV. [MUSIC]

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