AZ-140: Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop

8 H 29 M

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  • Course Overview
    • Course Overview
  • The Azure Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
    • Introducing Azure Virtual Desktop
    • AVD Prerequisites
    • AVD Network Connectivity
    • Name Resolution
    • RDP Shortpath
    • Recommending Host Pool Resources
    • Recommending Session Hosts
    • Implement Host Pools and Session Hosts
    • Automation Options
    • Applying Licenses
    • Golden Images
    • Manage Azure Compute Gallery
    • Planning for Storage with AVD
    • Implement Storage Accounts
    • Implement File Shares
    • Implement Azure NetApp Files
    • Implement Storage for FSLogix
  • Azure Virtual Desktop Identity and Security
    • Identity and Authentication Options
    • RBAC for AVD
    • Implement Multifactor Authentication for AVD
    • Microsoft Defender for Cloud and AVD
    • Microsoft Defender for Session Hosts
    • Azure Bastion and JIT
    • Windows Threat Protection
  • Azure Virtual Desktop Users and Apps
    • FSLogix Deployments
    • Cloud Cache
    • Device Redirection
    • Universal Print
    • RDP Properties
    • Session Timeout Properties
    • Start Virtual Machine on Connect Feature
    • MSIX App Attach
    • Publishing RemoteApps
    • Use OneDrive with RemoteApps
    • Using Teams with Azure Virtual Desktop
    • FSLogix Application Masking
  • Azure Virtual Desktop Monitoring
    • Log Collection and Analysis
    • Using Azure Monitor
    • Using Azure Advisor
    • Implement Autoscaling
    • AVD Backup Strategies
    • Disaster Recovery
    • Moving AVD Resources

Course Overview

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  • Episode Description
  • Transcript

The Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop course is an excellent way for you to be up and running successfully and quickly with the Azure Virtual Desktop solution of Microsoft Azure. This course is also excellent preparation for Exam AZ-140: Configuring and Operating Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop. During this course, you will learn critical concepts such as how to plan and prepare the Azure Virtual Desktop infrastructure, how to plan for and implement identity and security, how to handle users and apps, and how to engage in effective Azure Virtual Desktop monitoring and diagnostic troubleshooting.

WEBVTT >> Welcome and thanks for joining us for this overview. If you are looking to study for and take that AZ 140 Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop exam, well then you have come to the right place. I'm Sophie Goodwin and I'm going to be your host, your learner advocate throughout this overview and throughout the rest of this course, asking the questions that you might have at home. I am certified in cybersecurity from ISC2, but this topic is going to be pretty new to me. So I'll be learning right along with you. Of course, Anthony Sequara is going to be our subject matter expert for this course. >> Anthony, could you tell us a little about yourself? Sure. I've been really specializing over the last, I'd say decade in Cloud technologies. So I was super excited to see this course on the list of courses that we would be building, and I volunteered for it right away. I have implemented Azure Virtual Desktop for myself and huge fan of Azure and this technology. As Sophie said, for those getting ready for the exam, we're going to be walking you through all the objectives. But for those of you that could care less about the exam, I think you're going to be happy here as well, because we're really going to be emphasizing getting this product properly designed and implemented. >> That is so true, whether you're looking to take the exam or not. It's good information to have. So before we get into the rest of this overview, I want to clarify if somebody is looking to take this exam. Who is this exam for? What should you have going into it? Who's a good candidate for this? Yeah, this really is an exam that, >> like so many of these Azure specialized exams, this one really does hope that you have a background in Azure. Now, don't panic if you are brand new to Azure. Sophie and I will be sure to explain basic Azure concepts as they come up. Just to drill down into a quick example, when we're talking storage for Azure Virtual Desktop, I'll even do demonstrations of setting up things like storage accounts in Azure files so that if you are new to Azure and have never done those types of tasks, you'll get an education on that as well. >> Okay, so helpful to have a background in that. If you don't, totally fine, but it just might mean a little bit of extra work along the way, nothing you can't handle. Then as far as the difficulty level of this exam, would you call it like entry-level expert, somewhere in between the intermediate area? Yeah, this one is one of those exams that's surprisingly difficult. So >> Azure Virtual Desktop, as you're going to see, can be really pretty straightforward to set up. There's a couple of gotchas, but we'll make sure those are no problem for you. So when you have one of these products that you click a few buttons, you fill out a few screens and it just starts working, it's always a bit of a surprise when the exam is of a higher difficulty level. But we're going to help you with that too. One of the reasons it tends to be difficult is they really do cover absolutely everything here that we could possibly think of to do with Azure Virtual Desktop. So this is very, very wide in scope as far as what AVD can do. So we'll have you ready by guiding you through all those different ways you can implement it and different tricks and technologies you can take advantage of. >> Okay. So I know we're going to have a similar overviews at the beginning of each of these modules, because that's how this selection of course material is going to be breaking down into some modules. But looking at the grand overview of all the stuff we're going to cover, is there anything we should know going into it? Can you give us a heads up as to what we can expect? Yeah, we're going to be >> really going deep in the areas you might expect like planning for Azure Virtual Desktop. This is something that we're really going to emphasize because again, this is one of those products where sure you could be up and running within 15 minutes or so. But what you'll quickly encounter is that you're not really set up to scale, or you're not really set up in an optimized fashion for your various users. So one of the main areas that we're going to focus on is planning, is making sure you understand what's going to be required to do maybe a massive implementation of this technology, as opposed to just a couple of virtual desktops for a couple of users. We'll also look at things like implementation obviously, we'll delve deep into identity issues, security issues, we'll learn how to deploy applications very simply this way, and of course, we'll delve into how do you ongoing monitor this solution to make sure it's still functioning the way you intended at the beginning. Well, >> I definitely feel more prepared than I did five minutes ago. So thank you for walking us through some of what we can expect, and what we should know going into this, whether we're candidate for the exam or we just want to learn more about Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop. I think that's going to do it for this overview. So thank you, Anthony, and thank you for joining us. We'll see you in the course.