Planning and Implementing Secure Networking in Azure

3 H 22 M

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  • Overview
    • Overview
  • Setting Up Security for Virtual Networks
    • Implement NSGs and ASGs
    • Implement User-defined Routes
    • Implement VNET Peering and VPN Gateway
    • Implement Virtual WAN and Secured Virtual Hub
    • Secure VPN connectivity
    • Implement Encryption over ExpressRoute
    • Configure Firewall for Azure App Service, Functions & PaaS
    • Monitor with Network Watcher and NSG Flow Logging
  • Organizing Security for Private Access to Azure Resources
    • Implement Virtual Network Service Endpoints
    • Implement Private Endpoints
    • Implement Private Link services
    • Implement App Service Environment
    • Implement Network Security for SQL Managed Instances
  • Setting up Security for Public Access to Azure Resources
    • Implement TLS to Apps, App Service and API Management
    • Implement and Manage an Azure Firewall
    • Implement an Azure Application Gateway
    • Implement an Azure Front Door and CDNs
    • Implement a Web Application Firewall
    • Implement Azure DDoS Protection Standard


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  • Episode Description
  • Transcript

WEBVTT >> Hello, my name is Wes Bryan, Edutainer at ACI Learning, here to tell you about the course you're about to watch. This course is for those who implement, manage, and monitor security for Azure, Hybrid, and Multicloud environments. In this course, we will explore planning and securing Azure network environments. We're going to examine topics such as securing virtual networks and securing public and private access to Azure resources. So grab your notes and join us for planning, implementing, and securing networking in Azure.