Securing Compute, Storage, and Databases in Azure

2 H 56 M

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  • Overview
    • Overview
  • Establishing Advanced Security for Compute
    • Implement Remote Access to Public Endpoints
    • Configure Network Isolation for AKS
    • Secure, Configure and Monitor AKS
    • Configure Security Monitoring for Azure Container Instances, Apps and API Management
    • Manage Access to Azure Container Registry
    • Configure Disk Encryption in Azure
  • Configuring Security for Storage
    • Configure Access Control for Storage Accounts
    • Select and Configure Access to Azure Files
    • Select and Configure Access to Azure Blob Storage
    • Select and Configure Access to Azure Tables & Queue
    • Select and Configure Data Protections Methods
    • Configure Bring your own key (BYOK)
  • Implementing Threat Protection by Using Microsoft Defender for Cloud
    • Enable Database Authentication with Microsoft Azure AD
    • Enable Database Auditing
    • Identify Use Cases for the Microsoft Purview
    • Implement Data Classification Using Microsoft Purview
    • Plan and Implement Dynamic Masking
    • Recommend and Implement Database Encryption


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  • Transcript

WEBVTT >> Hello, my name is Wes Bryan, Educator at ACI Learning here to tell you about the course you're about to watch. This course is for those who implement, manage, and monitor security for Azure, Hybrid, and Multicloud environments. In this course, we will explore securing resources across Azure environments. We will secure resources such as Azure Compute, Azure Storage, and Azure Databases. Grab your notes and join us for securing Compute storage and databases.