Configuring and Managing Security Operations in Azure

3 H 15 M

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  • Overview
    • Overview
  • Administering governance for security
    • Create, assign security policies in Azure Policy
    • Configure Security Using Azure Blueprint & Landing Zones
    • Create and Configure an Azure Key Vault
    • Recommend when to use a Dedicated HSM
    • Manage Certificates, Secrets, and Keys
  • Managing security posture by using Microsoft Defender for Cloud
    • Remediate Security Risks with Microsoft Defender for Cloud
    • Assess Compliance with Microsoft Defender for Cloud
    • Add Custom Initiatives to Microsoft Defender for Cloud
    • Connect Hybrid Cloud and Multi-cloud Environments to Microsoft Defender for Cloud
    • Identify and Monitor External Assets Using Microsoft Defender
  • AZ-500d : Configuring and managing threat protection by using Microsoft Defender for Cloud
    • Enable Workload Protection Services in Microsoft Defender for Cloud
    • Configure Microsoft Defender for Servers and Azure SQL Databases
    • Manage and Respond to Security Alerts in Microsoft Defender for Cloud
    • Configure Workflow Automation by using Microsoft Defender for Cloud
    • Evaluate Vulnerability Scans from Microsoft Defender for Server
  • AZ-500d : Implementing security monitoring and automation solutions in Azure
    • Monitor Security Events by Using Azure Monitor
    • Configure Data Connectors in Microsoft Sentinel
    • Create and Customize Analytics Rules in Microsoft Sentinel
    • Evaluate Alerts, Incidents and Configure Automation in Microsoft Sentinel


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  • Transcript

WEBVTT >> Hello, my name is Wes Bryan, Edutator at ACI Learning, here to tell you about the course you're about to watch. This course is for those who implement, manage, and monitor security for Azure Hybrid and Multi-Cloud environments. In this course, we will explore the configuration and management of security operations across Azure environments. We'll examine technologies such as administering governance for security, managing security posture, configuring and managing threat protection, and implementing security, monitoring, and automation. So grab your notes and join us for configuring and managing security operations in Azure.