Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate (AZ-104)

Managing and monitoring Azure cloud environment25 H 19 M

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  • Manage Azure AD Objects
    • Overview
    • Create and Manage Users
    • Create and Manage Groups
    • Manage Guest Accounts
    • Perform Bulk User Updates
    • Configure Azure AD Join
    • Manage Device Settings
    • Configure Self-Service Password Reset
    • Create Administrative Units
  • Manage Role-based Access Control
    • Assigning Roles
    • Create a Custom Role
    • Manage Multiple Directories
  • Manage Subscriptions and Governance
    • Configure Azure Policy Definitions
    • Configure Azure Policy Initiatives
    • Configure Resource Locks
    • Apply Tags
    • Create and Manage Resource Groups
    • Manage Subscriptions
    • Configure Management Groups
    • Configure Cost Management
  • Manage Storage Accounts
    • Create and Configure Storage Accounts
    • Configure Network Access to Storage Accounts
    • Configure Azure AD Auth for Storage Account
    • Manage Access Keys
    • Generate Shared Access Signature
    • Implement Azure Storage Replication
  • Manage Data in Azure Storage
    • Azure Import and Export Service
    • Azure Storage Explorer
    • Copy Data Using AzCopy
  • Configure Azure Files and Blob Storage
    • Azure Files Shares and Snapshots
    • Azure File Sync Service
    • Azure Blob Storage and Storage Tiers
  • Configure VMs for High Availability and Scalability
    • Configure High Availability
    • Azure VM Scale Sets
  • Automate Deployment and Configuration of VMs
    • Working with ARM Templates
    • Configure VHD Template
    • Custom Script Extensions
  • Create and Configure VMs
    • Configure Azure Disk Encryption
    • Move Virtual Machines
    • Manage VM Sizes
    • Add Data Disks
    • Configure Networking
    • Redeploy VMs
  • Create and Configure Containers
    • Azure Container Instances
    • Azure Kubernetes Service
  • Create and Configure Web Apps
    • App Service Plans
    • App Services
  • Implement and Manage Virtual Networking
    • Configure Virtual Networks
    • Configure Routes
    • Configure VNet Peering
  • Configure Name Resolution
    • Configure Azure DNS
    • Configure Public and Private DNS Zones
    • Configure Custom DNS Settings
  • Secure Access to Virtual Networks
    • Network Security Groups and Security Rules
    • Azure Firewall
    • Azure Bastion Service
  • Configure Load Balancing
    • Configure an Internal Load Balancer
    • Configure a Public Load Balancer
    • Troubleshoot Load Balancing
    • Application Gateway
  • Integrate On-Premises and Azure Virtual Networks
    • Azure VPN Gateway
    • VPN Connections
    • ExpressRoute
    • Azure Virtual WAN
  • Monitor and Troubleshoot Virtual Networking
    • Network Watcher
    • Connection Monitor
  • Monitor Resources Using Azure Monitor
    • Configure Metrics
    • Configure Log Analytics
    • Configure Alerts and Actions
    • Configure Application Insights
  • Implement Backup and Recovery
    • Create a Recovery Services Vault
    • Using the Azure Backup Service
    • Configure Backup Reports
    • Azure Site Recovery


4 M

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  • Episode Description
  • Transcript

The Azure Administrator Associate certification is a way to validate your knowledge in implementing, managing, and monitoring identity, governance, storage, compute, and virtual networks in a cloud environment. This course will cover the objectives outlined by Microsoft to prepare you to take the Microsoft Azure Administrator exam.

you're watching ITPROTV. >> Hello everybody, welcome to the Azure Administrator Associate AZ104 course I'm Adam Gordon gentlemen riight over here Mr Mike Roderick, we're going to be your tour guides for your Azure Administrator Associate AZ104 course experience. I'm gonna be your host for the course. Mike is gonna be the subject matter expert and together we're gonna use our vast experience associated with Microsoft and Azure Technologies to help make you successful as you look to take and ultimately pass the AZ104. And along the way we'll throw in a couple of real world pro tips to help you understand how to apply that knowledge to actually running your infrastructure in Azure so you can be successful outside of the exam as well as taking and passing the exam. Mike, I know there's a lot of stuff we got to jump into. A lot of topics we are gonna cover a lot of depth and breath along with a bunch of hands on exercises and documentation. We're gonna look at all sorts of cool stuff that is going to go into this course. But what are we gonna be looking at overall and where are we're gonna get started? >> Let's talk about the exam a little because as you said, this is definitely geared towards passing that certification, but it will be very beneficial even if you don't plan on taking that exam, this knowledge is gonna help you do your job and work with Azure so it's worth watching. But let's talk about how we're gonna structure cuz we're gonna structure this series based on the exam objectives from Microsoft and we're just gonna go through one by one pretty much and cover each one of them so that you can prepare for that exam, join me on my screen here. I'll little talk a little bit about the exam itself, it is the AZ-104 exams. The Microsoft Azure administrator, you'll see it currently costs 1 65 US dollars. You've got a drop down list to change that currency to whatever is relevant for you. And then we got buttons right here is that you can use to schedule that exam through Pearson VUE. You will see there is a special offer down there because of the pandemic that might or might not be there depending on when you see this. If it's there definitely take advantage of that, you can save quite a bit of doh using that option. So let's talk about, that's the exam itself, let's talk about what we're gonna cover and what the exam is gonna test you on and they give you an option to download the outlines, you can get a little more detail and that's really gonna break down each individual topic that we're gonna cover. But in general we're gonna spend some time doing identities, manage Azure identities and governance. That's worth about 15 to 20% of your exam, dealing with things like users and administrative units, if I can say it administrative units and working with bulk users for example, and connecting devices into Azure, using Azure AD join below that, you'll see another 15 to 20% is going to be implement and manage your storage. So dealing with Azure storage, in dealing with creating that storage account. Working with blobs, files, tables, queues, containers. Then we're gonna take a look at deploying and managing Azure compute resources here. We're gonna start getting into virtual machines r, creating those VMs, configuring those VMs, working with kubernetes and containers. And then we get into configuring and managing virtual networking. Another 25 to 30% of the exam deals with virtual networking. Very important topic dealing with V nets and connecting our VMs to other v nets up in Azure crossing regions, connecting to on premises environments for our hybrid networks and then rounding things off with monitoring backup Azure resources another 10 to15%. We'll take a look at that Azure backup service as well as some Azure site recovery. So you can see a broad set of knowledge that we're gonna go through. Lots of exciting episodes coming your way. >> All right, mike. Really cool run through. Thank you very much. It looks like and I know for a fact it's gonna be a really interesting time, I'm looking forward to it. I know mike is as well, hopefully all of you are, you got to do one thing before you can start watching there, you got to stop watching us here, so finish the overview with us, we're gonna tell you where to go, what to do and how to be successful. Now, you gotta go actually engage with us and go through the rest of the course, we're gonna wrap up our overview by saying goodbye to you for now, but we're gonna be on the other side as soon as you start watching those episodes, you're doing it to me now, I can't talk either, but we're gonna be waiting for you, make sure you check out the rest of the course wherever you jump in, whether it's at the beginning, somewhere in the middle or all the way down at the end. I like that whole Azure site recovery thing, wherever it is, Mike and I are gonna be there for you and when we are going to take you on one heck of a ride show everything you need to know and make sure you know how to be successful. We'll see you there. >> Thank you for watching ITPROTV.

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