Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate (AZ-104) (In Production)

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  • Manage Azure AD Objects
    • Create and Manage Users
    • Create and Manage Groups
    • Manage Guest Accounts
    • Perform Bulk User Updates
    • Configure Azure AD Join
    • Manage Device Settings
    • Configure Self-Service Password Reset
  • Manage Role-based Access Control
    • Assigning Roles
    • Create a Custom Role
    • Manage Multiple Directories
  • Manage Subscriptions and Governance
    • Configure Azure Policy Definitions
    • Configure Azure Policy Initiatives
    • Configure Resource Locks
    • Apply Tags
    • Create and Manage Resource Groups
    • Configure Management Groups
    • Configure Cost Management
  • Manage Storage Accounts
    • Create and Configure Storage Accounts
  • Manage Data in Azure Storage
    • Configure Azure Files and Blob Storage
      • Configure VMs for High Availability and Scalability
        • Automate Deployment and Configuration of VMs
          • Create and Configure VMs
            • Create and Configure Containers
              • Create and Configure Web Apps
                • Implement and Manage Virtual Networking
                  • Configure Name Resolution
                    • Secure Access to Virtual Networks
                      • Configure Load Balancing
                        • Integrate On-Premises and Azure Virtual Networks

                          Create and Manage Users

                          19 M

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                          • Episode Description

                          Creating and managing users and groups is are common tasks when administering Azure AD. Learn how to create and manage users and groups using the Azure portal.

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