Azure Virtual Desktop Skills

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  • Plan an Azure Virtual Desktop Architecture
    • Overview
    • Azure Virtual Desktop Architecture
    • Performance and Capacity Planning
    • Additional Configurations
    • Plan for User Identities
    • Plan for User Profiles
  • Implement Azure Virtual Desktop
    • Create a Host Pool
    • Application Groups and Workspaces
    • Configure Storage
    • Using Azure Bastion
    • Create a Gold Image
  • Manage Access and Security
    • Configure Multifactor Authentication
  • Manage User Environments and Apps
    • Install and Configure FSLogix
    • Configure RDP and User Settings


4 M

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Azure Virtual Desktop (formerly Windows Virtual Desktop) delivers Windows 10 desktops and applications virtually anywhere. In this series you will learn about planning and implementing Azure Virtual Desktop. You will learn how to manage access and security, and configure user environments. The topics in this series are from the AZ-140 exam objectives. When used with additional resources, this series can help you prepare for the AZ-140 specialty exam

You're watching ITProTV. [MUSIC] Hello and welcome to this overview for Azure Virtual Desktop and exciting new course. I'll be your host Zach Memos and this is our instructor right over here it is Mike Rodrick. Mike, how are you doing? >> Fantastic Zach, how are you doing? >> I'm doing great. And just by way of introduction, I've been with ITProTV for about four years and I've worked with absolutely every single instructor. I've worked with Mike with MS-900, I've worked with Adam on very well right now it's MS-500 of what we're doing. So I have a little bit of a background in all things Microsoft and in fact nudging into the Azure world. So Mike, tell us about yourself. >> Kind of the same, Zach I've been with ITProTV since we started. Before that I worked as a Microsoft certified trainers, I've been doing Microsoft training, gosh, since server 2000 and really excited about getting into the world of Azure Virtual Desktop. >> So, if I were to ask you this, in fact I'm gonna ask you this, so I'm being redundant, what's in it for me? I'm the view or I'm a learner, I wanna know what isn't it for me, why should I pay attention to Azure Virtual Desktop. >> This particular series that we're doing is kind of got an interesting purpose. The idea here is I wanna get you guys into Azure Virtual Desktop. So if you're looking to test Azure Virtual Desktop or even do a basic deployment of Azure Virtual Desktop in your production environment, that's really what I'm gearing this for. But it's also gonna help you prepare if you're interested in taking the exam because there is a certification for Azure Virtual Desktop as well. It's a specialty exam, it's the AZ-140 which is in beta now. And I just took that and this would help you prepare for that as well. >> And you're very modest, you pass that too by the way. So when we look at the course, we look at it will be several episodes, what does it look like? What are they gonna look like the episodes individually? >> That's a great question and I basically cherry pick the topics. As you look at the exam objectives for essay 140 we definitely don't cover all of those. This is not, you keep this course wouldn't get you to pass that exam by itself. The idea behind this one is really to kinda get you into Azure Virtual Desktop to give you the basics that you need to deploy Azure Virtual Desktop. And then maybe decide that you wanna go a little further and prepare and take that exam. But I think a lot of people out there are interested in how we can get this deployed and that's what we're gonna do. We're gonna start at the very beginning, we're talking about the planning phase and then we're gonna go into implementation will get it up and running. We'll even set up some FSLogix profile containers to see how we can provide a persistent environment for AVD or Azure Virtual Desktop users as well. >> That's not very exciting. Now, are you gonna provide some auxiliary information for our learners? >> Absolutely as I said, we don't cover all of the topics that make up the exam. But in the show notes, I point you out to docks at where you can do some additional reading and find other resources if you do decide to go that exam route. >> So Mike, why are you excited about Azure Virtual Desktop? >> It's just a fantastic product Zach, I've been working with Azure Virtual Desktop since it's infancy since it came out when it was initially Windows Virtual Desktop and it wasn't even armed based. You had to do a lot of this from PowerShell and it finally transitioned to a full blown Azure service becoming Windows Virtual Desktop. And then recently, not too long before we started shooting this, they actually rebranded it into Azure Virtual Desktop. And with the world the way it is right now, the time of this filming we're towards the end hopefully of this global pandemic. We've done a lot more workers working remotely. And I don't think that's gonna change even as things start going back to normal. If I was to try to break out my crystal ball we're seeing a lot more that need and the desire to be able to work remotely. And that means as IT, we need to be able to provide that work environment no matter where my users are. And that's what AVD or Azure Virtual Desktop allows me to do. Give my end users a full blown work environment, whether that's individual apps or a complete desktop and deliver to them anywhere in the world to any device. You just can't beat that. So, I hope you guys are as excited as I am because this is really really neat stuff. >> Well I can't wait, thank you Mike. So if Azure Virtual Desktop sounds like something that you'd be interested in and you should be, make sure you watch it in our course library and keep watching ITProTV. [BLANK_AUDIO] Thank you for watching ITProTV. [BLANK_AUDIO]