Azure Virtual Desktop Identity and Security

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  • Course Overview
    • Course Overview
  • Identity Integration
    • Identity and Authentication Options
    • RBAC for AVD
    • Implement Multifactor Authentication for AVD
  • Security
    • Microsoft Defender for Cloud and AVD
    • Microsoft Defender for Session Hosts
    • Azure Bastion and JIT
    • Windows Threat Protection

Course Overview

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The Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop Identity and Security course helps prepare you for success when it comes to implementing Azure Virtual Desktop. Specifically, this course ensures you are ready for the integration of security protections in the virtual desktop infrastructure. This course also ensures that you understand the various aspects of identity as it relates to Azure Virtual Desktop. For those interested in Microsoft Azure certification, this course helps you prepare for the Plan and Implement Identity and Security portion of the AZ-140 certification exam.

WEBVTT >> (upbeat music) Welcome and thanks for joining us for this overview for Azure Virtual Desktop Identity and Security. I'm Sophie Goodwin, I'll be your host for this overview, asking questions along the way that you might have at home, functioning in kind of a learner advocate role and learning right along with you. And of course, we have Anthony Sequeira here as our subject matter expert for this course. >> Could you tell us a little about yourself, Anthony? - Sure, so I have been a full-time employee here of ACI Learning now for one year, super excited about that. And prior to that, had done some consulting with, which was ACI Learning before they merged and enjoyed that time. And prior to that, decades of experience writing and teaching about Microsoft Windows and cloud technologies and security. So this module made perfect sense for me. - And you are definitely well-equipped to walk us through this information. So can we kind of get, I know we'll get more into it as we go through the module, but can we get maybe a heads up like an overview as to what we're gonna talk about? - Yeah, this module is a great addition to our exploration of Azure Virtual Desktop because identity can get pretty confusing. So in this module, we'll right away make sure that you fully understand what's up with identity and authentication issues when it comes to Azure Virtual Desktop. We'll then really look at what are we gonna do to ensure that this environment is secure? A lot of organizations might be hesitant to deploy a solution like Azure Virtual Desktop because of what they would perceive as a lack of security. But we're gonna show you in this module where you can really enhance the security of your Windows environment. You don't have to sacrifice that when you choose a Virtual Desktop solution. - So as far as people that are watching this overview, thinking about whether they wanna watch the rest of this module, who is the target audience for this module? - Yeah, so it really is anyone that might be charged with securing the Azure Virtual Desktop environment. In a massive enterprise, you might have teams just dedicated to security and things like Microsoft Windows in a smaller medium-sized organization. I know, you're probably the person that's responsible for all of this. So not just setting up AVD, but then securing it and maintaining it. So if you're charged with anything related to identity and security with Azure Virtual Desktop, you're in the right place. - So I'm not sure if this would qualify as like a beginner intermediate expert level type course with that kind of material. But as far as people watching this course that maybe they're wondering, should they know things going in? Should they have prerequisite knowledge? What should they know before they start? - Yeah, what Sophie and I have been trying to do throughout all of our Azure Virtual Desktop episodes is really minimize the number of prerequisite skills you would need. So we're going through and demonstrating where things are in Azure, how you set up basic things like storage accounts and things of this nature, so that we really can offer this course to anyone that can spell Azure, you know, and even that's optional, I suppose, but you get the idea. We really want to minimize required prerequisites here so that you can get up and running with this solution quickly. - Okay, well, I think that's pretty much going to do it as far as an overview goes. We got to kind of take a look at some of the things we're going to be going over and get an idea of who this course is intended for. >> So thank you for walking us through this, Anthony, and thank you for joining us for this overview. We'll see you in the course. (upbeat music)