Configure Windows Client Storage

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  • Configuring and Managing Storage on Windows Client
    • Course Overview
    • Understand Local Storage in Windows Clients
    • Configure Storage in Windows Clients
    • Configure Windows Storage with Disk Management
    • Configure Windows Storage with Diskpart
    • Configure Windows Storage with PowerShell
    • Configure Storage Spaces on Windows Clients
    • Optimize Storage in Windows Clients
    • Configure OneDrive in Windows Clients
    • Configure Permissions in Windows Clients

Course Overview

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The Windows client operating system is one of the most popular operating systems.

line:-1 <v.Female.spk1 Speaker1>>> Thank you so much for joining us. I'm your host or line:-1 <v.Female.spk1 Speaker1>the and all of your learner advocacy going long asking Wes, line:-1 <v.Female.spk1 Speaker1>Bryan, all the questions you probably haven't home. line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>>> Let's welcome to the show. Wes, thanks for having me here. line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>Yeah, you know my name's Wes, Bryan. I'm an educator at ACI line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>Learning, it pro and I've been teaching technical courses for line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>the better part of a decade. A Microsoft certified trainer. line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>I hold him CSA and some of the other certifications that have line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>kind of gone by the wayside. But, you know, I definitely line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>have a lot of experience in teaching just in the windows line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>environment. So I'm looking for forward to, you know, just line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>being your subject matter expert, the agitator. That is line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>going to take you through this journey as we proceed through line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>the course. line:-1 <v.Female.spk1 Speaker1>>> Ives am really excited because this is a topic that line:-1 <v.Female.spk1 Speaker1>I'm excited to delve into. line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>>> But what we could be talking about less. All right. So this line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>course is going to be all about how you the learner can line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>configure windows, client storage. We're going to show line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>you the utilities, the tools, the concepts to create line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>configure and manage windows client storage. And in this, line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>we're going to use a variety of tools were going to walk you line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>through the majority of the tools that you have available line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>that you can use utilized in order to accomplish that task line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>will look at gooey based utilities, like things like the line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>windows settings, interface, which is definitely had some line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>changes between some of the windows operating systems. line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>We're going to look at things like disk management, something line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>that we've been using for a very long time and windows line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>environments to configure our storage on our machines. line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>We're also going to use and drop down to remove the do line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>we're going go down into the command line. Interface is such line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>as the Windows command prompt and Windows Powershell in order line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>to show you how you can do this to a command line environment line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>as well here in this course. line:-1 <v.Female.spk1 Speaker1>>> Well, it sounds like a jam packed course. But who is this line:-1 <v.Female.spk1 Speaker1>course designed for? line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>>> Well, anybody really, you know, I mean, the way there are line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>some scopes here. If you're you could be one, that's 10. line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>Maybe you're taking some kind of windows exam, right? Well, line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>these can give you some of the skills that are sometimes line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>measured in those exams. But you could be as part of the line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>support staff. Maybe you're part of the help desk, right? line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>And maybe you want to know some of the features that you have line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>available so that you can resolve those tickets faster, line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>right? You can help the that the end users that you're line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>supporting currently in your environment, maybe you're line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>curious, maybe you just want to level up some of your skills. line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>You want to take your skills a little bit farther inside of line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>the windows environment. You're not taking an exam and line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>you're not on the help desk environment. line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>It's for you as well. line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>Beginners. Maybe you are. You are familiar with the line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>windows at all. But you'd like to be because, you know, line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>that's the next avenue. Maybe in a promotion, right? Maybe line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>that's your just again. You're just curious. You want to see line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>how to do it. This is going to be a course for you. However, line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>I will tell you there is a small bit of assume knowledge. line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>All right. Let's assume the assumptions here that we're line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>going to make is that you do have an understanding of line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>computing environments and some of the computing technology line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>terminology. I'm not worried about the window. Specific line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>stuff will help you out with that. But some of the basics line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>that across the industry, regardless of what operating line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>system you're in, you also have to know a little bit about line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>networking and networking communications, things it you line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>know, in general, it's going to be important that you have line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>concept because when we talk about storage, we're not going line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>to be just doing local storage are going to see there are line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>episodes here where we're going to tell you how you can create line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>shared storage, like waste it all here in this course. line:-1 <v.Female.spk1 Speaker1>>> Well, this elms exciting for me. I've been a Mac user. line:-1 <v.Female.spk1 Speaker1>So I'm excited to jump into the Windows Klein and see how that line:-1 <v.Female.spk1 Speaker1>works. line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>>> But I'm excited about this. What are you excited for? line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>Well, you know, I've worked in with windows for a long time. line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>I've had Mac OS as a driver to and I like that operating line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>system. I really like working in windows and I have for a line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>while. It's not the only operating system I use. But one line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>of the things I love is the ability to help our learners to line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>navigate through confirm figure one of the most pop up, not be line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>the most popular line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>enterprise level operating system, whether it's in a home line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>environment, a small office business environment or even at line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>the enterprise level, I love being able to convey the line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>concepts. New show you the technologies and the steps in line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>order to configure your Windows client storage so that you can line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>be more successful in your endeavors. line:-1 <v.Female.spk1 Speaker1>>> Well, this is the perfect time for us to launch into our line:-1 <v.Female.spk1 Speaker1>first episode. So meet us there