Deploy Active Directory for Hybrid Environments

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  • Overview
    • Overview
  • Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) Components
    • Logical vs Physical Components
    • AD DS Objects
    • AD DS Structural Components
    • Functional Levels and FSMO Roles
  • Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) Domain Controllers
    • Deploy On-Premises Domain Controllers
    • Deploy Azure Domain Controllers
    • Examine Read-Only Domain Controllers (RDOCs)
    • Pre-Stage a RODC Remo
    • Deploy a RODC Demo
    • Configure a RODC Demo
    • Transfer FSMO roles using Active Directory tools
    • Examine ntdsutil.exe regarding FSMO roles
    • Transfer FSMO roles using PowerShell
  • Multi-site, Multi-domain, and Multi-forest Environments
    • Examine Forest and Domain Trusts
    • Deploy a Child Domain Demo
    • Configure Conditional Forwarders Demo
    • Configure External Trust Demo
    • Configure Shortcut Trust Demo
    • Examine AD SD Sites
    • Configure AD DS Sites Demo
    • Configure Site Links Demo
    • Configure Site Link Cost and Replication Demo
    • Configure Subnets Demo
    • Configure Site Link Bridging Demo
    • Manage Replication via Active Directory Tools
    • Manage Replication vis Commands
  • Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) Security Principals
    • Create and Manage Users in AD DS Demo
    • Examine Groups in AD DS
    • Create and Manage Groups in AD DS Demo
    • Create and Manage Groups Using PowerShell Demo
    • Create and Manage OUs in AD DS
    • Manage Users and Groups in Trust Relationships
    • Examine Group Managed Service Accounts (gMSAs)
    • Create and Manage gMSAs Demo
    • Join Windows Servers to On-Premise AD DS
    • Join Windows Servers to Azure AD DS
  • Hybrid Identities
    • Examine AD DS, Azure AD DS, and Azure AD
    • Deploy Azure AD DS Demo
    • Deploy an Azure AD Custom Domain Demo
    • Examine Hybrid Identity with Azure AD and AD DS
    • Examine Azure AD Connect
    • Implement Idfix to Check AD DS Demo
    • Implement Azure AD Connect Demo
    • Examine Azure AD Connect Synchronization
    • Manage Azure AD Connect Synchronization Demo
    • Examine Azure AD Connect Cloud Sync
    • Install Azure AD Connect Cloud Sync Agent Demo
    • Implement Azure AD Connect Cloud Sync Demo
    • Manage Azure AD DS Demo
    • Manage Azure AD Connect Health Demo
    • Examine On-premises and Hybrid Authentication
    • Examine AD DS Passwords
    • Configure and Manage AD DS Passwords Demo
  • Domain-based Group Policies
    • Examine Group Policy in AD DS
    • Implement Group Policy in AD DS Demo
    • Implement Group Policy Preferences in AD DS Demo
    • Implement Group Policy in Azure AD DS Demo


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  • Episode Description
  • Transcript

WEBVTT >> Hello everybody. Thank you for tuning in. We'd like to take a second here and give you a small overview on deploying Active Directory for Hybrid Environments. I'm going to be the host for this show. My name is Wes Bryan. I've been a technical instructor for the last 10 years, and I teach a variety of different topics, including things like CompTIA's core, foundation and fundamental exams, as well as being a Microsoft Certified Trainer and MCSA in a Windows Client certifications as well. So I'm going to enjoy being here with you and being your learner advocate. But you're not here to see me. You're here for Ms. Robin Abernathy. She's going to be our subject matter expert for this course. Robin, thank you so much. Can you tell our viewers a little bit about yourself? >> Yes. So I have been involved in the IT certification industry as far as educating our IT folks about certifications for a little over 20 years. I've kind of been the woman behind the magic that happens with a lot of practice tests because I used to work for a practice test company. I have been involved with knowing Active Directory since it was first a thing. I was dealing with computers before we had Active Directory. I enjoyed this course because it gave me a fresher. It taught me the new things that were available to Active Directory. >> All right. So you know, Robin, we're talking about deploying Active Directory for hybrid environments. Can you tell us a little bit about what this course is about? >> Yes. So this course deals with all of the things you need to deploy in order to have an Active Directory domain services domain. It talks about all of the components within Active Directory. Then it also talks about how if I've got this on-premise environment and I've got these things in the Cloud, how can I make them talk? How can my users be able to access their resources rather seamlessly? It goes into a lot of detail about the different ways Active Directory is making an administrator's job easier. >> All right. So if somebody is going to click that play button, who is this course geared towards? >> It's geared toward any IT person, whether no matter the level that you work in your organization, that wants to learn more about Active Directory and how to better use the tools that Active Directory provides so that we can deploy all the things that we need, we can control our environments, we can keep our users happy, and we can make our jobs easier. >> One of the things I like is the centralized administration because, boy, as an administrator, that definitely brings down the nightmare that can be in a decentralized environment. That's one of the reasons I know that I'm excited to see a little bit more about the Active Directory, but not just in a traditional on-prem nature, also in the Cloud-based nature too with Azure. So that's why I'm excited. But Robin, why are you excited about this course? >> I cannot say enough about all the demos that you're going to see in here. I have been playing with Active Directory for quite a few years, and I had strayed from it going into some other technical areas. And so coming back into this, I was a learner initially trying to learn all the things that were involved in it. And it excites me all of the things that you have to know how to do, but it excites me because I was able to show you how to do them and get you started on your journey so that you can learn to use all the Active Directory tools. And also, you'll be able to use some of those Azure tools that are in the Cloud and make your life a lot easier. >> All right, everybody. Well, if that is the course for you, I know I'm excited. We hope that you're excited. We will see you in the next episode.