Deploying and Managing a Microsoft 365 Tenant

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  • Overview
    • Overview
  • Implement and Manage a Tenant
    • What is Microsoft 365?
    • Create and Manage Tenants and Domains
    • Service Health
    • Monitor Adoption and Usage
  • Manage Users and Groups
    • Create and Manage Users and Groups
    • Manage and Monitor License Allocations
    • Perform Bulk User Management
  • Manage Roles in Microsoft 365
    • Manage Roles and Role Groups
    • Manage Delegation
    • Implement Privileged Identity Management


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WEBVTT >> Hello and welcome to the overview for this course, Deploying and Managing a Microsoft 365 Tenant. I'm going to be your host for this course, Sophie Goodwin. A little bit about me, you may have seen me hosting some other courses here at ACI Learning, mostly security focus courses, but I did do a couple of courses on programs like Microsoft Word and Excel as well. So I do have some familiarity with Microsoft Office. I'm going to be your learner advocate for this course, asking questions along the way that you might have at home. Our subject matter expert, Anthony Sequera, is going to be teaching this course. Anthony, tell us a little about yourself. >> Sure, Sophie. So I've been teaching Microsoft for a long time and supporting installations of Microsoft Office for a long time. So I was really excited when ACI Learning approached me about this course opportunity. I'll be honest with everyone, one of the reasons I was excited about that was I couldn't wait to see what has changed. We used to have Office 365, and then I had heard vaguely about Microsoft renaming that to Microsoft 365, and I was intrigued and couldn't wait to dig deeper into what this change is all about. >> And you've taught some other courses here at ACI Learning. Can you tell us a little bit about your experience level and your qualifications for this course? Sure. So >> I'm really a networking guy by trade. So I'm a Cisco certified internet work expert. And as a result, you'll see me in almost all of the Cisco related training here at ACI Learning. But before delving into the world of networking, I really was a server and systems guy, again, focusing on Microsoft technologies. Another area that I've been really doing a lot with here at ACI Learning and beyond is cloud, of course. So don't be surprised to see me in Azure or Google Cloud Platform or AWS training. I think going to the cloud with a networking background was really advantageous and I've enjoyed that a lot. >> So like I said, the title for this course is Deploying and Managing a Microsoft 365 Tenant. So that is what we're gonna be focusing on, obviously. What is the structure for this course or this module gonna look like? Yeah. So Sophie, if someone has zero experience, >> even if they have never been in charge of an old school Office 365 implementation, we are gonna take them from zero to hero. The name of a webinar Sophie and I are giving later today. So anyways, we're gonna really be taking them from just, we're gonna assume you have no knowledge about a Microsoft Tenant, even what it is. And we're gonna just step you through that process of making sure it runs well, everybody's fully licensed. In fact, one of the things that we're gonna do, Sophie, is we're gonna look at making sure that these products are utilized. One of the things that you'll want people doing is using the Microsoft 365 tools that you send out there. I mean, you hear a lot about employees that are doing their own dark like cloud, like, oh, I want my own word processor and things. And in a lot of corporate environments today, we need our employees to be using the tools that we provide them. It's actually a big security thing. So we'll look at ways in which to monitor your employees and make sure they're getting the most out of Microsoft 365. - So before we sign off this overview, you kind of mentioned it earlier, but what are some of the reasons you're looking forward to this course? - Yeah, I'm really super excited to see the changes that Microsoft has made from this Office 365 to Microsoft Evolution. And I was also really excited to learn about, and can't wait to teach all of you, the integration with Azure. That was something that was really confusing for me, Sophie, on this whole product. It's like, wait a minute, is it in Azure or is it outside of Azure? Does it sit next to Azure? And if I'm doing this, where is all my data? Where is our user data? So these are all great things that we're gonna look at as we move throughout this material. - I don't know about you, but I feel much more prepared now to go into this course on deploying and managing a Microsoft tenant. So thank you >> for giving us kind of an overview into >> what we can expect. - My pleasure, Sophie. - And thank you guys for joining us. We'll see you in the course. >> (upbeat music)