Introduction to Programming Using Python

Start Programming with Python9 H 41 M

This course has a virtual lab
  • Perform Operations using Data Types and Operators
    • Overview
    • Working with Primitive Data Types
    • Working with Multiple Assignment Statements
    • Converting Types in Python
    • Creating Lists
    • Modifying Lists
    • Sorting and Reversing Lists
    • Slicing Lists
    • Working with Operators
    • Determining Operator Precedence
    • Working with If Statements
    • Using Compound Conditional Expressions
    • Working with For Loops
    • Working with While Loops
    • Nesting For Loops
    • Reading Files
    • Copying Files
    • Merging Mails
    • Reading Console Inputs and Formatting Outputs
    • Reading Command Line Arguments
    • Defining Functions
    • Using Default Arguments
    • Using Keyword and Positional Arguments
    • Handling Exceptions
    • Using Math and Random Modules
    • Display Datetime Working Directory File Metadata


4 M

  • Episode Description

In this series, we are going to take a look at programming using the Python programming language. If you have tried to start before and just spun your wheels, then you should give it a try again. The progression of this course follows the Practice Labs environment for the same certification so there are supplements to each of those labs. Some of the topics that we are going to cover are: using basic data types and assigning those to variables, learning operations that can be applied to each of the data types, collecting information into a list structure, iterating over lists using both for and while loops, adding logic to our programs to add capabilities to our programs, and much more. We hope to see you there!

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