Manage Hybrid Storage and File Services

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  • Overview
    • Overview
  • Azure File Sync
    • Create Azure File Sync Service
    • Create Sync Groups and Cloud Endpoints
    • Register Servers
    • Create Server Endpoints
    • Configure Cloud Tiering
    • Monitor File Sync
    • Migrate DFS to Azure File Sync
  • Windows Server File Shares
    • Configure Windows Server File Share Access
    • Configure File Screens
    • Configure FSRM Quotas
    • Configure BranchCache
    • Examine Distributed File System (DFS)
    • Implement and Configure DFS
  • Windows Server Storage
    • Configure Disks and Volumes
    • Configure and Manage Storage Spaces
    • Configure and Manage Storage Replica
    • Configure Data Deduplication
    • Configure SMB Direct
    • Configure Storage QoS
    • Configure File Systems


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WEBVTT >> Well, ladies and gentlemen, thank you for tuning in. We'd like to take a few moments and let you know what you can expect in the upcoming series that you're about to watch and manage hybrid storage and file services. I'm going to be your host, Wes Brighton Lerner Advocate, and I am a Microsoft certified trainer. I hold quite a few Microsoft certifications, as well as some other industry certifications. And I'm really looking forward to joining you and miss Robin Abernathy throughout this course. And speaking of, let's bring Miss Robin ever now. They do the table here. Robin, tell our viewers a little bit about yourself. So. >> Like you said, I'm Robin Abernathy. I've been involved in the IT certification prep world for a little over decades now. I've always been kind of a writer behind the scenes would write study guides practice tests. I do held multiple certifications light way us from multiple vendors. And I'm always like, well, I've mostly been writing about the things I would also dabble in the side and take out the things I would stand in front of out and dissed training in general in the classroom. I've made the transition here to a Seattle learning. And the interesting thing about this is a lot of this stuff. I know, but I'm learning some new ways. So I'm super excited to be here, guys. >> All right. So this course, right. We were talking about managing hybrid storage and file services. >> Who is this course geared for Robin? Can you tell our viewers? Yes. So this course is geared toward any administrator who may be responsible for managing your fallen storage services in your on prime environment. And especially if your organization is interested in transitioning. Some of those files services, too. A more high bridge structure where some of them are deployed in Azure as your has. Some great tools are things like has your file sync and then you still have your your your Windows server FAU services. But we're going to we're going to talk about both and how you can have those files services on pram, but then you can deploy some in the cloud and have it sitting up there and it a little easier to access, maybe from a remote location. >> All right. Very good. Now, I know I am excited about this course. I love cloud-based technologies. I love cloud ever since I got involved in it. I like the Azure platform. Microsoft has spent billions of dollars making a really robust solution that you can you and your companies can enjoy. So that's one of the reasons I'm really looking forward to this course. Robin, what is it that about this course that you really enjoy and what what you like about it? Well, >> I really enjoy the fact that you're going to get a chance to learn about deploying the storage technologies, but not necessarily taking as long as it used to when we wanted to put a new hard evidence server way back in the day you had to bring that server down and then you had to go through all the steps to actually install that physical server will now without this virtualization. We have out here with ash and the cloud we can and we can span up a new hard drive in a matter of seconds and had it sitting there right now on. And so it kind of excites me because you're going to get to say of, you know what, things are so much easier now in the new cloud world and the new virtualization world. >> All right, ladies and gentlemen of manage hybrid storage and file services. Is the course that your looking forward? Go ahead are looking forward to go ahead and hit play and you can join Robin. I in the very first episode