Managing Security with Microsoft 365 Defender

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  • Overview
    • Overview
  • The Microsoft 365 Defender Portal
    • Introducing Microsoft 365 Defender
    • Improve the Microsoft Secure Score
    • Respond to Alerts in MS 365 Defender
    • Respond to Issues in Security and Compliance Reports
    • Respond to Threats Identified in Threat Analytics
  • Microsoft Defender for Office 365
    • Implement Policies and Rules
    • Respond to Threats Identified in Defender for Office 365
    • Create and Run Campaigns
    • Unblock Users
  • Microsoft Defender for Endpoint
    • Introducing Microsoft Defender for Endpoint
    • Onboard Devices to Defender for Endpoint
    • Configure Defender for Endpoint Settings
    • Respond to Endpoint Vulnerabilities


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  • Episode Description
  • Transcript

WEBVTT >> Welcome and thanks for joining us for this overview for Managing Security with Microsoft 365 Defender. I'm Sophie Goodwin here with Anthony Sequoro. We're going to be leading you on the journey through this course. I will be your learner advocate, your host for this course, asking questions along the way that you might have at home, and I'll be learning some things myself while I'm here. Anthony is going to be our subject matter expert. Tell us about yourself, Anthony. Thanks, >> Sophie. Yeah, I've been dealing with Microsoft technologies since, oh my gosh, I think it started in about 1994, supporting Microsoft systems, and here we are in 2023, and a lot has changed. In fact, Microsoft Defender, we know started out as anti-virus software that was pre-built into your Windows, but now it's this massive product undertaking from Microsoft. We're going to focus on that Microsoft 365 Defender, and I think you're going to be very impressed with the features that it can bring to our Microsoft 365 environment. >> Are there any knowledge prerequisites or things that we should know if somebody is coming in wanting to take this course? >> Yes, I would definitely come into this course, go into our library if you haven't done so already, and just watch the basics of setting up a Microsoft 365 tenant. You might be watching these mini courses in order, so you've already done that, that's great, but that is definitely something I would have knowledge of, okay, where are the user accounts, and we know they're in Azure Active Directory. Where is the Microsoft 365 Center? What kind of management can we do in there? Just have a basic solid foundation in the Microsoft tenant basics, and you'd be ready to go for this course. Can you give us a heads up or an overview as to what the structure for this module is going to look like? Yes. What we're going to do is we are going to be very comprehensive, showing you the high points, the real selling points to Microsoft 365 Defender. There's a lot that this product can do for us. In fact, there's a lot it can do for us in a very automated fashion. You're going to love learning about some of these very exciting features, and Sophie and I will test these features for you. We'll demonstrate these features for you, so you know how to get it working, and you also see it working right before your eyes. >> I know we'll be talking about synchronization, authentication, and secure access, but Anthony, >> what is it about this course that you're looking forward to? I am really looking forward to showing off some of the latest greatest features to our students of this Microsoft Defender. A lot of times, students haven't looked at this product in a while, maybe even ever, and it's so great to get the reactions of really joy in the feature set here. Right away in our first episode, we'll be covering something called the Microsoft Secure Score, and you're going to love this. This is Microsoft saying, "Hey, we're going to guide you through step-by-step securing your tenant." >> Sounds like you're pretty excited to show us how to make the most of managing security with Microsoft 365 Defender. Yes, indeed. I am certainly excited to be learning right alongside you. So thanks so much for joining us for this overview for managing security with Microsoft 365 Defender, and we'll see you in the course.