MCSE Windows Server 2012 - 70-413

Designing and Implementing a Server Infrastructure16 H

The MCSE Windows Server 2012 (70-413) exam is for IT professionals who have worked with Windows for several years and are looking to certify.

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  • Overview for MCSE Windows Server 2012 R2 (70-413)
    • Overview of MCSE Windows Server 2012 (70-413)
  • Plan and deploy a server infrastructure
    • Designing A Server Infrastructure
    • Planning Server Deployments
    • Server Migration and VM Roles
    • Planning For Storage
  • Design and implement network infrastructure services
    • Network Infrastructure
  • Design and implement network access services
    • Planning Network Access
    • Planning Network Access Part 2
    • Planning Network Access Part 3
  • Design and implement an Active Directory infrastructure (logical)
    • Planning For AD (Logical)
    • Planning For AD (Logical) Part 2
  • Design and implement an Active Directory infrastructure (physical)
    • Planning For AD (Physical)
    • Planning For AD (Physical) Part 2

Overview of MCSE Windows Server 2012 (70-413)

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The Designing and Implementing a Server Infrastructure exam is the first of two exams required to obtain the Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) certification. This exam departs from the traditional pattern of "how" to perform tasks and instead focuses on "why" these things are done. This course covers topics ranging from server capacity planning and placement to active directory topology design. The typical viewer would be anyone involved in designing network solutions or working in a consulting role.

1 00:00:00,,994 [SOUND] The 70-413 exam is the first 2 00:00:04,,102 exam on the way to completing your 3 00:00:09,,188 Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert Certificate, the MCSE. 4 00:00:17,,615 The MCSE is one of the most sought after certifications from Microsoft and 5 00:00:20,,539 it's definitely one of the most well known IT certifications throughout the entire 6 00:00:24,,110 industry so it's definitely a target people are looking for. 7 00:00:28,,140 Microsoft has expanded the MCSE quite a bit over the years so 8 00:00:31,,060 there's actually more than one track. 9 00:00:33,,590 Let's start and take a look at that real quick before we dive into the nitty gritty 10 00:00:36,,730 details. 11 00:00:37,,830 I've got the Microsoft certification and training page pulled up here and 12 00:00:40,,780 they're just showing all of the different MCSE's that are available. 13 00:00:43,,770 There's the MCSE desktop infrastructure, which is important for 14 00:00:46,,960 people who are going to be supporting Windows 7 or 15 00:00:48,,940 Windows 8 desktops in a corporate or large enterprise environment. 16 00:00:52,,110 They cover technologies based on deploying hundreds of thousands of machines and 17 00:00:57,,490 maintaining them. 18 00:00:58,,520 But when you have that many desktops you need servers to provide services and 19 00:01:02,,030 that's where the MCSE server infrastructure comes in. 20 00:01:06,,460 Now, there is an MCSE for Windows Server 2012 as well as Windows Server 2008. 21 00:01:11,,240 So depending on which certification you're looking for, 22 00:01:13,,560 you'll want to make sure you choose the appropriate one. 23 00:01:15,,390 The ones here on IT Pro TV are built around Windows Server 2012, 24 00:01:18,,580 we choose to do the newer certification as opposed to the older. 25 00:01:22,,520 But you'll see that there are other ones out there, like the private cloud, for 26 00:01:25,,740 setting up the system center solutions that are available through Microsoft. 27 00:01:28,,820 There's enterprise devices and apps, which focuses around mobile and 28 00:01:32,,910 some development. 29 00:01:33,,600 Data platform for databases. 30 00:01:35,,420 Business Intelligence for using the data in the databases. 31 00:01:39,,708 We've got Messaging, which is for Microsoft Exchange and collaboration. 32 00:01:42,,660 You got MSCE: Communication, 33 00:01:44,,790 which is built around the link server and some of the voice over IP technologies. 34 00:01:48,,000 And then good old SharePoint, for information exchange and handling. 35 00:01:53,,400 Quite a few different MCSEs. 36 00:01:55,,610 When someone out there says, hey, I'm an MCSE. 37 00:01:57,,100 We have to follow it up with a question, with great, what are you an MCSE in? 38 00:02:02,,240 Which one are you actually certified in? 39 00:02:04,,660 Well, we're tackling the most common one, and that's server infrastructure. 40 00:02:08,,980 These are employees that will be responsible for configuring and 41 00:02:12,,730 maintaining servers. 42 00:02:14,,580 Now, those servers might be providing name look ups. 43 00:02:17,,760 It might be authentication, file servers, print servers Email servers, 44 00:02:21,,250 who knows what they're providing. 45 00:02:23,,430 But the basic foundation is the Microsoft Windows Server product, and 46 00:02:26,,890 we need to know the ins and outs of it, 47 00:02:27,,410 and that's what the MCSE Server Infrastructure is all about. 48 00:02:32,,980 Now, MSCE Server Infrastructure, that's the generic name for the certification. 49 00:02:36,,960 There's specific tests, though, catered to whether or 50 00:02:39,,480 not you are doing Windows server 2012 or Windows server 2008. 51 00:02:43,,530 If you are doing Windows server 2012, 52 00:02:47,,480 notice that there's five different exams listed here. 53 00:02:51,,500 Most of these, you should already have. 54 00:02:53,,490 If you are pursuing the MCSC, you have to get your MCSA first. 55 00:02:58,,940 Like the MCSC, there are several MSCAs, you need the MCSA for 56 00:03:02,,870 Server Infrastructure for Windows Server 2012. 57 00:03:04,,010 When you have the MCSA for 58 00:03:07,,540 Windows Server 2012 that's these three exams right here, 410, 411, and 412. 59 00:03:11,,990 It's actually 70-410, 70-411, and 70-412. 60 00:03:13,,730 If you don't have your MCSA yet, stop here. 61 00:03:19,,140 You don't need the MSCE videos just yet. 62 00:03:22,,710 Jump back to the MCSA, right? 63 00:03:23,,690 We've already filmed them right here on ITProTV and 64 00:03:25,,980 you can start moving through starting with 70-410. 65 00:03:28,,080 If you go out of order one of two things is going to happen, all right? 66 00:03:33,,260 One, you'll get in over your head very fast. 67 00:03:35,,860 When we start right here with 70-413, 68 00:03:37,,380 it's assumed you already have all the knowledge from those first three shows. 69 00:03:43,,940 So that's problem number one. 70 00:03:44,,580 Problem number two is, if you start here and 71 00:03:46,,510 you go pass this exam, you will not get a certification for it. 72 00:03:50,,880 You cannot get your MCSE unless you also have your MCSA. 73 00:03:54,,940 That's the starting point, before you proceed to here. 74 00:03:58,,970 Now at 70-413 is this, designing and implementing a server infrastructure and 75 00:04:02,,010 this is a really neat one. 76 00:04:04,,230 It's different than pretty much any other show we've done on IT Pro TV. 77 00:04:08,,990 In 410, 411, and 412, you learn how to do a ton of different things. 78 00:04:13,,000 How to set up the active directory. 79 00:04:16,,810 How to configure routing and remote access. 80 00:04:18,,850 How to do all this stuff. 81 00:04:20,,750 But you never really address the why. 82 00:04:23,,230 Why would I choose to use IPsec instead of PPTP? 83 00:04:27,,290 Why would I choose to use network access protection? 84 00:04:32,,250 Why would I choose to have four active directory domain controllers 85 00:04:35,,290 instead of one? 86 00:04:36,,070 Why would I choose to have five domains instead of just having 87 00:04:39,,960 one domain in a single forest. 88 00:04:40,,530 Why do we make these decisions? 89 00:04:42,,470 Well that's what the 70-413 show covers. 90 00:04:45,,540 We take a look at a lot of the different infrastructure, 91 00:04:48,,860 the things that were covered in the other servers. 92 00:04:50,,760 And now we find out the why, the design mechanisms that go behind this. 93 00:04:54,,240 How we make the right decisions. 94 00:04:57,,110 This is not a responsibility that somebody new to IT is going to be doing. 95 00:05:02,,340 Nobody is going to hire somebody right out of college and say, 96 00:05:04,,110 "hey can you design my network". 97 00:05:07,,080 Because if you choose a poor design on day one it's going to have 98 00:05:11,,880 lasting ramifications for the life of that network. 99 00:05:13,,340 You need somebody with experience and 100 00:05:15,,810 a deep understanding of how all the different pieces interact. 101 00:05:18,,850 When you have that understanding, you can create a very stable, 102 00:05:21,,760 very reliable design. 103 00:05:23,,710 That will give you a much better network experience throughout the life of your 104 00:05:26,,680 technology. 105 00:05:27,,590 So, that's what's covered in 70-413. 106 00:05:29,,320 There is some implementation. 107 00:05:33,,050 There's a few technologies we cover in there that weren't on the other exams and 108 00:05:36,,530 so we actually show those. 109 00:05:37,,580 But most of it is just discussing designs. 110 00:05:40,,880 Possible arrangements of technologies to provide the best possible deployment and 111 00:05:44,,260 the different things we have to take into account that influence our design. 112 00:05:48,,930 We have to make modifications based on our current network. 113 00:05:50,,450 So it's really neat, it's very conceptual, and 114 00:05:53,,150 it's all built around stuff you've already learned, so I will just reiterate it here. 115 00:05:58,,070 It is really important that you complete those first three certification exams 116 00:06:02,,868 before progressing to here. 117 00:06:04,,440 Now once 413 is done, you are ready to move on to 414 the other part of MCSC for 118 00:06:09,,630 Windows Server 2012. 119 00:06:10,,890 And it's implementing an advanced server infrastructure. 120 00:06:14,,750 You take some of those earlier services and you extend them even further with some 121 00:06:18,,690 advanced functionality that's in there and we even take a look at some other 122 00:06:21,,250 ones like active directory federation services that are just much more 123 00:06:25,,340 complex than any of the technologies deployed in the earlier shows. 124 00:06:29,,210 So, really neat stuff here. 125 00:06:31,,080 When you pass these two exams, 126 00:06:33,,520 If you already have your MCSA you'll then be awarded the MCSE. 127 00:06:37,,970 And for most people, that's where they stop with Microsoft. 128 00:06:40,,750 Microsoft does have a few higher tier certifications, 129 00:06:43,,590 like the Microsoft Certified Architect. 130 00:06:45,,220 I know they were talking about retiring that one, or 131 00:06:48,,480 the Microsoft Certified Master was another one. 132 00:06:50,,280 But their still out there, you can still achieve those. 133 00:06:53,,350 But they are just not very common they are very, very difficult to get and so 134 00:06:56,,260 most people stop right there with the M-C-S-E. 135 00:06:59,,380 But is that the end if you are learning? 136 00:07:01,,090 No, once you've completed that it's a good idea to broaden your horizons. 137 00:07:05,,030 You likely are having to integrate to products from other vendors like Linux or 138 00:07:09,,650 Mac OS and so you may extend out to start learning about those platforms and 139 00:07:12,,790 deploying service with those technologies. 140 00:07:14,,870 So just keep that in mind as you move through, while this might seem like 141 00:07:17,,830 the end of your certification path with Microsoft, it may just be the beginning 142 00:07:21,,350 of you entering into other operating systems, so always pay attention, look for 143 00:07:26,,430 the various resources that are out there learn all you can. 144 00:07:29,,920 That's the piece of advice I always give to people is, learn all you can. 145 00:07:32,,010 Because it never hurts to know additional information it's always going to help. 146 00:07:38,,950 So that's basically what we're going to be taking a look at in the 70-413. 147 00:07:40,,000 That design, that why, how we do things, 148 00:07:44,,170 and why they're done throughout a Microsoft environment. 149 00:07:48,,060 That sounds like the right place for you if you got your MCSA and 150 00:07:51,,760 you're ready to move into the MCSE and stay tuned, 151 00:07:53,,940 because we've got the 70-413 episodes coming up next. 152 00:07:56,,050 If you need to tackle the MCSA or some of the other content, make sure you 153 00:08:00,,890 jump over to those shows, because it's all part of your IT Pro TV subscription, 154 00:08:02,,920 so just make sure you start in the right place and move forward. 155 00:08:06,,520 Well best of luck on your exams and I'll see you in the episodes coming up next. 156 00:08:10,,669 [MUSIC]

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