MD-100: Windows Client

24 H 28 M

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  • Manage Installing the Windows Client
    • Course Overview
    • Selecting Windows Client Editions
    • Determining Requirements for Windows Clients
    • Performing Clean Install of Windows Clients
    • Performing Windows Clients In-place Upgrades
    • Migrating Windows Clients with USMT
    • Customizing WinPE with ADK
    • Creating an Answer File with WSIM
    • Configuring Windows Provisioning Packages
    • Activating Windows Clients
    • Configure and Manage Hyper-V Settings
    • Managing Virtual Networks in Hyper-V
    • Creating and Configuring Hyper-V VMs
    • Creating and Configuring Hyper-V Virtual Disks
    • Managing VM Checkpoints in Hyper-V
    • Installing and Configuring Windows Sandbox
    • Configuring Windows Client System Settings
    • Managing the Windows Client Interface
    • Configuring Microsoft Edge in Windows Clients
    • Localizing Windows Clients
    • Installing and Managing Devices in Windows
    • Managing Startup Options in Windows Clients
    • Managing Services in Windows Clients
    • Configuring Optional Features in Windows Clients
  • Configure Networking in Windows
    • Configure TCP/IP Settings in Windows Clients
    • Windows Client Networking using PowerShell
    • Windows Client Networking using Command Prompt
    • Configure Wireless Networking in Windows Clients
    • Configure VPN Connections in Windows Clients
    • Manage Certificates in Windows Clients
    • Troubleshoot Connectivity in Windows Clients
  • Configure Windows Client Storage
    • Understand Local Storage in Windows Clients
    • Configure Storage in Windows Clients
    • Configure Windows Storage with Disk Management
    • Configure Windows Storage with Diskpart
    • Configure Windows Storage with PowerShell
    • Configure Storage Spaces on Windows Clients
    • Optimize Storage in Windows Clients
    • Configure OneDrive in Windows Clients
    • Configure Permissions in Windows Clients
  • Manage the Windows Client
    • Examine the Windows Boot Process
    • Troubleshoot the Windows Boot Process
    • OS Recovery in Windows Clients
    • Recover Files in Windows Clients
    • Deploy System Restore in Windows Clients
    • Configure Updates in Windows Clients
    • Optimize Windows Update Delivery
    • Configure Windows Updates with Group Policy
    • Configure Windows Update for Business
    • Configure Remote Desktop in Windows Clients
    • Deploy Windows Admin Center
    • Configure Remote Management in Windows Clients
    • Configure Remote Assistance in Windows
    • Manage Event Logs in Windows Clients
    • Configure Windows Performance Monitor
    • Perform Windows Resource Monitoring
    • Configure Task Scheduler in Windows Clients
    • Manage the Windows Registry in Windows Clients
  • Control Access to Windows Clients
    • Manage Users in Windows Environments
    • Manage Groups in Windows Environments
    • Manage Windows Domain Computers
    • Manage User Profiles in Windows Environments
    • Implement and Configure Microsoft Accounts
    • Configure Sign-in Options in Windows Clients
    • Configure Credential Manager in Windows Clients
    • Configure User Account Control in Windows
    • Configure Local Administrator Password Solutions
    • Deploy Group Policy for Windows Clients
    • Troubleshooting Group Policy for Windows Clients
    • Implement BitLocker on Windows Clients
    • Configure Windows Defender Firewall
    • Configure Window Firewall with Advanced Security
    • Configure Windows Defender Firewall with PowerShell
    • Configure Windows Defender Firewall with netsh
    • Configure Windows Security App in Windows Clients
    • Implement App and Browser Security in Windows

Course Overview

2 M

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  • Episode Description
  • Transcript

WEBVTT >> Hello everyone. My name is Wes Bryan. I'm an edutainer at ACI Learning and I'd like to tell you a little bit about myself and the course that you're about to watch, the MD 100 Windows Client Course. I have been teaching certification exams for around 15 years now and hold a variety of industry certifications including Microsoft certifications as well. The Microsoft MD 100 Windows Course explores Windows client skills in deploying, managing, and maintaining Windows client operating systems. Some of the key concepts covered in this course will include things like installing and configuring Windows such as basic customized and upgrade installations. You'll also learn how to configure and manage device and security settings as well as creating and managing local users and groups. We'll also move on to configuring networking and remote connectivity, namely how to configure network settings, remote management, and troubleshoot VPN connections. We'll also learn how to configure the Windows firewall through a variety of interfaces such as the Windows Defender firewall, the Windows firewall with advanced security, and the new Microsoft Defender firewall. We'll also learn how to maintain Windows such as maintaining Windows updates and performance. We'll also move into installing and configuring and managing applications including the new Microsoft Edge browser. We'll turn our attention finally to managing storage and security through configuring disks, volumes, file and folder permissions, as well as configuring OneDrive. Then we get to manage system and data recovery through technologies such as configuring file history, configuring file backup with OneDrive, and configuring and troubleshooting Windows system recovery options. So on behalf of myself and everyone here at ACI Learning, we hope you enjoy the MD 100 Windows Client Course.