Microsoft 365 Fundamentals (MS-900)

Foundational-level knowledge of cloud services9 H 35 M

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  • Describe Cloud Concepts
    • Overview
    • Cloud Service Models
    • Cloud Service Benefits
  • Core Microsoft 365 Services and Concepts
    • Productivity and Teamwork
    • Simplified Management
    • Business Management
    • Security and Compliance
    • Microsoft 365 Admin Center
    • Microsoft 365 User Portal
    • Deployment and Release Models
    • Windows Virtual Desktop
    • Microsoft 365 Apps
    • Microsoft 365 Analytics
    • Microsoft 365 Reports
  • Security, Compliance, Privacy and Trust in M365
    • Zero Trust Security Principles
    • Unified Endpoint Management
    • Identity and Authentication
    • Conditional Access
    • Threat Protection
    • Service Trust, Security and Compliance
    • Insider Risk Management and eDiscovery
    • Information Protection and Governance
  • Describe M365 Pricing and Support
    • Pricing Models
    • Licensing Options
    • Service Lifecycle
    • Support Offerings and SLAs
    • Service Health and UserVoice


5 M

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  • Transcript

In this course, you will learn foundational-level knowledge of the considerations and benefits of adopting cloud services in general and the Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud model. You will also learn about available options and benefits gained by implementing Microsoft 365 cloud service offerings

You're watching ITProTV. [MUSIC] Hello and welcome to Microsoft 365 fundamentals. I am Zach Memos and our Microsoft expert is Mike Rodrick. Mike, how are you sir? >> Doing great Zach, how about you? >> Doing great too, and let's talk about your background a little bit. Why are you a Microsoft expert? >> Because you said so. >> Good. >> [LAUGH] No, because I've been doing this for a long time, right? I've been working with Microsoft products since Windows Server 2000. Been certified since then, I'm also a Microsoft certified trainer. >> Mm-hmm, that's awesome. My background is mostly in broadcast, television, film and tape as well, I've had some dabbling with IT, and of course working with ITProTV, we're going on four years. I've been immersed in the IT culture, done a lot of Microsoft classes and courses along the way. Well Mike let's go into Microsoft 365 fundamentals. What's in it for me? Why should I pay attention to this course? >> This course is really designed for a couple of different people, right? If you're looking to get in the IT field, this is one of those fundamental courses. This is our baseline knowledge, this is a great first certification if you wanna move into the world of Microsoft 365 and work with these products. This is also a great course to take if you're not IT, right? Maybe you sell Microsoft 365 products, maybe you administer teams that manage people or manage people that work with Microsoft 365 products. This can give you that knowledge that you need to be familiar with the product, so you understand what those customers are asking you when they're trying to purchase services. Or when your IT staff comes to you and starts talking about what they need to solve a problem, you'll be familiar with what they're talking about rather than it sounding like a foreign language. >> Do we need any background experience or requisite knowledge to be involved with the course? >> You really don't, this is again one of those fundamentals. This is that first step, in getting into IT or as I said, working with it in other ways, but no fundamental or no prerequisite knowledge required. >> So my guys with any course there will be several episodes involved, but what does that look like? >> We'll break it down by the objectives. Microsoft on their website is going to publish those objectives, I'll also make sure they're available in the show notes for you. But they tell you exactly what they're going to cover on the exam, and we're just gonna take that objective list and work through them one by one, creating episodes around it. So by the time you finish watching all these episodes, you should be pretty well prepared to take this exam. >> So let's talk about the certification, because there is a certification that can be had by taking this course and by going through the exam, let's talk about that. >> Okay, this is one of those one for ones from Microsoft. Many certifications require several exams that you must pass. This is the one for one, when you take the Microsoft 365 fundamentals exam and pass it, you will earn the Microsoft 365 Certified Fundamentals certification. You only need the one exam for that certification. Now to take this exam, in fact if you pull up my screen here, I get a little bit details, you can find this out on Microsoft's website. I can make sure the link is available for you, but I'm just gonna scroll down real quick and talk about the exam itself. They don't really give us a lot of heads up on how many questions you might take or what the specific time frame is, but it's not that many questions, I'm gonna say 60 to 80 questions. You're gonna get a couple hours or more to take this exam. It's gonna be $99 currently, and that's in US, there are actually a couple of options to get this for even less, depending on when you go about taking this exam. I will say that with today's current state and the pandemic, most of this is gonna be done online, rather than going into a testing center. But you can register, you can see here you can schedule through Pearson VUE, or you can schedule at Certiport and set up taking that exam online, from your office or from your home or anywhere that we can find that's adequate or acceptable to take that exam, all right? And then down below, this is what I was talking about, the skills measured, you can download that exam skills outline right there. I'll have it for you available as well in the show notes, and you can start checking things off as we cover them on the videos, and as you study up, and learn those topics check them off as done and move on to the next one. And that'll help you gauge where you're at and when you're ready to take this certification exam. >> That's great news, and so Mike why are you excited about this course? >> I'm excited because it is a chance to get people that are just getting into it. And I love sharing knowledge, I love getting people excited about IT. Microsoft 365 is a big part of many organizations, many organizations that have on-premises for a long time were beginning to move out to the cloud, so this is a good place to be if you're getting into IT. You wanna be familiar with these cloud type services because that's where organizations are going, and I'm excited to be a part of your journey in your IT certification process. >> And Mike is a terrific edutainer and he provides information easily digestible. You're going to enjoy Microsoft 365 fundamentals. And for Mike and myself, thanks for watching. >> Thank you for watching ITProTV.

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