Microsoft 365 Identity and Services (MS-100) (In Production)

Microsoft14 H 1 M

  • Design and Implement Microsoft 365 Services
    • MS-100 Overview
    • Evaluate Microsoft 365 for an Organization
    • Plan and Create Microsoft 365 Tenant
    • Configure Subscriptions
    • Configure Tenant and Specialist Admin Roles
    • Configure Additional Admin Roles
    • Manage and Monitor Subscriptions
    • Plan for Microsoft 365 On-premises Infrastructure
    • Plan Identity and Authentication Solution
    • Identify Data for Migration
    • Identify Users and Mailboxes for Migration
    • Import PST Files
    • Plan for On-Prem User and Group Migration
    • Design Domain Name Configuration
    • Configure Workloads for a New Domain
    • Configure User Identities for a New Domain
    • Manage Service Requests and Health Alerts
    • Create Internal Service Health Response Plan
    • Configure, Schedule and Review Reporting
  • Manage User Identity and Roles
    • Evaluate Identity Mgmt Requirements
    • Evaluate Directory Synchronization Requirements
    • Evaluate Authentication Requirements
    • Design Directory Synchronization
    • Implement Directory Synchronization
    • Configure Directory Synchronization
    • Monitor Azure AD Connect Health
    • Manage Azure AD Connect Sync
    • Implement Multi-Forest AD Connect Scenarios
    • Plan Azure AD Identities
    • Manage Azure AD Users and Groups
    • Manage Azure AD Passwords
    • Manage Product Licenses
    • Perform Bulk Azure AD User Mgmt
    • Plan for User and Security and Compliance Roles
    • Manage Admin Rights and Roles
    • Configure RBAC in Azure Active Directory
    • Plan for PIM in Azure Active Directory
    • Configure for PIM in Azure Active Directory
  • Manage Access and Authentication
    • Design an Authentication Method for M365
    • Design, Configure and Manage MFA for M365
    • Configure Application Registration in Azure AD
    • Plan for Azure AD Application Proxy
    • Create B2B and Guest Accounts in M365
    • Design Solutions for External Access
  • Plan Office 365 Workloads and Applications
    • Plan Migration Strategy for Exchange
    • Plan Migration Strategy for other Workloads

MS-100 Overview

6 M

  • Episode Description

The Microsoft 365 Identity and Services will help you to prepare for the MS-100 exam. You will learn about the design and implementation of Microsoft 365 services, you will see how to manage identities and assign roles, manage access and authentication and how to plan for Office 365 workloads and applications.

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