Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security (MS-101) (In Production)

Microsoft15 H 35 M

  • Implement Mobile Device Management (MDM)
    • Plan for MDM
    • Set an MDM Authority
    • Set Device Enrollment Limit for Users
  • Configure Cloud App Security (CAS)
    • Cloud App Security Overview
    • Configure Cloud App Security (CAS)
    • Configure Cloud App Security (CAS) Policies
    • Cloud App Security (CAS) Policies Activity Policy
    • Cloud App Security - Anomaly Detection Policy
    • Cloud App Security Policies App Discovery Policy
    • Cloud App Security (CAS) Policies File Policy
    • Cloud App Security (CAS) Policies OAuth App Policy
    • Cloud App Security (CAS) Policies Session Policy
    • Cloud App Security (CAS) Policies Access Policy
    • Configure Connected Apps
    • Manage Cloud App Security (CAS) Alerts
    • Upload Cloud App Security (CAS) Traffic Logs
  • Configure Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
    • What is Data Loss Prevention, How Does It Work
    • Configure DLP Policies - Overview
    • Configure DLP Policies - PowerShell
    • Configure DLP Policies - O365 Security Compliance
    • Design Data Retention Policies in Microsoft 365
    • Manage DLP Exceptions
    • Monitor DLP Policy Matches
    • Manage DLP Policy Matches
  • Implement Azure Information Protection (AIP)
    • Plan AIP Solution
    • Deploy On-Prem Rights Management Connector
    • Plan for Windows Information Protection (WIP)
    • Plan for Classification Labeling
    • Information Rights Management (IRM) for Workloads
    • Configure Super User
    • Deploy AIP Clients
    • Implement Azure Information Protection Policies
    • Implement AIP Tenant Key
  • Manage Data Governance
    • Plan Information Retention Policies
    • Configure Information Retention
    • Plan for Microsoft 365 Backup
    • Plan for Restoring Deleted Content
  • Manage Auditing
    • Configuring Audit Logging
    • Monitoring Unified Audit Logs
  • Manage eDiscovery
    • Search Content Security Compliance Center
    • Search Content Security Compliance Center Roles
    • Plan for In-place and Legal Hold
    • Configure eDiscovery

Plan for MDM

31 M

  • Episode Description

Adam and Wes discuss the information necessary to help you successfully plan for Mobile Device Management (MDM).

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