Microsoft 365 Security Administration (MS-500)

Security and Compliance for Microsoft 365 and hybrid environments37 H 9 M

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  • Secure Microsoft 365 hybrid environments
    • Overview
    • Plan Azure AD authentication options
    • Plan Azure AD synchronization options
    • Monitor and troubleshoot Azure AD Connect events
    • Spotlight on Azure AD Connect Upgrades
  • Secure Identities
    • Implement Azure AD group membership
    • Implement password management
    • Manage external identities in workloads
  • Implement authentication methods
    • Plan sign-on security
    • Implement multi-factor authentication (MFA)
    • Manage and monitor MFA
    • Plan and implement device authentication methods
  • Implement conditional access
    • Plan compliance and conditional access policies
    • Configure, manage compliance endpoint security
    • Implement and manage conditional access
    • Test and troubleshoot conditional access policies
  • Implement roles and role groups
    • Plan for roles
    • Configure roles
    • Audit roles
  • Configure and manage identity governance
    • Plan for Azure PIM
    • Assign eligibility and activate admin roles
    • Manage Azure PIM role requests and assignments
    • Monitor PIM history and alerts
    • Implement and manage entitlement management
    • Implement and manage access reviews
  • Implement Azure AD Identity Protection
    • Implement user risk policy
    • Implement sign-in risk policy
    • Configure Identity Protection alerts
    • Review and respond to risk events
  • Implement enterprise hybrid threat protection solution
    • Plan a Microsoft Defender for Identity solution
    • Install, configure Microsoft Defender for Identity
    • Monitor, manage Microsoft Defender for Identity
  • Implement device threat protection
    • Plan a Microsoft Defender for Endpoint solution
    • Implement Microsoft Defender for Endpoint
    • Manage, monitor Microsoft Defender For Endpoint
  • Implement and manage device and application protection
    • Plan for device and application protection
    • Configure & manage Defender App Guard
    • Microsoft Defender Application Control
    • Configure and manage exploit protection
    • Configure and manage Windows device encryption
    • Configure and manage non-Windows device encryption
    • Implement application protection policies
    • Device compliance for endpoint security
  • Implement and manage Microsoft Defender for Office 365
    • Configure Microsoft Defender for Office 365
    • Monitor Microsoft Defender for Office 365
    • Conduct simulated attacks using Attack Simulator
  • Monitor Microsoft 365 Security with Azure Sentinel
    • Plan and implement Azure Sentinel
    • Configure playbooks in Azure Sentinel
    • Manage and monitor Azure Sentinel
    • Respond to threats in Azure Sentinel
  • Manage insider risk solutions in Microsoft 365
    • Implement and manage Customer Lockbox
    • Implement, manage Insider risk management policies
    • Implement and manage information barrier policies
    • Implement and manage privileged access management
  • Manage sensitive information
    • Plan a sensitivity label solution
    • Configure sensitivity labels and policies
    • Configure and use label analytics
    • Use sensitivity labels with Office apps
  • Manage Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
    • Plan a DLP solution
    • Create and manage DLP policies
    • Create and manage sensitive information types
    • Monitor DLP reports
    • Manage DLP notifications
    • Implement Endpoint DLP
  • Implement and manage Microsoft Cloud App Security
    • Plan Cloud App Security implementation
    • Configure Microsoft Cloud App Security
    • Manage cloud app discovery
    • Manage entries in the Cloud app catalog
    • Manage apps in Cloud App Security
    • Config Cloud App Security connectors, Oauth apps
    • Configure Cloud App Security policies, templates
    • Cloud App Sec. alerts, reports, dashboards, logs
  • Configure and analyze security reporting
    • Using Microsoft Endpoint Manager Admin Center
    • Security, dashboards in Microsoft 365 Sec. Center
    • Custom security reporting with Graph Security API
    • Using secure score dashboards
    • Configure alert policies
  • Manage and analyze audit logs and reports
    • Plan for auditing and reporting
    • Perform audit log search
    • Review, interpret compliance reports, dashboards
    • Configure audit alert policy
  • Manage data governance and retention
    • Plan for data governance and retention
    • Review, interpret data gov. reports, dashboards
    • Configure retention labels and policies
    • Define, manage communication compliance policies
    • Find and recover deleted Office 365 data
    • Configure and use Microsoft 365 Records Mgmt.
    • Configure retention in Microsoft 365 workloads
  • Discover and respond to compliance queries in Microsoft 365
    • Plan for content search and eDiscovery
    • Delegate permissions for search, discovery tools
    • Use search and investigation tools
    • Export content search results
    • Manage eDiscovery cases
  • Manage regulatory compliance
    • Plan for regulatory compliance in Microsoft 365
    • Manage Data Subject Requests (DSRs)
    • Administer Compliance Manager in Microsoft 365
    • Review Compliance Manager reports
    • Create and perform Compliance Manager assessments


4 M

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  • Transcript

This course is designed for Microsoft Administrators who implement, manage, and monitor security and compliance solutions for Microsoft 365 and hybrid environments. The Microsoft 365 Security Administrator proactively secures M365 enterprise environments, responds to threats, performs investigations, and enforces data governance. The Microsoft 365 Security Administrator collaborates with the Microsoft 365 Enterprise Administrator, business stakeholders, and other workload administrators to plan and implement security strategies and ensures that the solutions comply with the policies and regulations of the organization.

You're watching ITProTV. >> Hello and welcome to an exciting new course Microsoft 365 Security Administration MS-500. I'll be your host Zach and this is Adam Gordon? Or a subject matter expert. >> Hey everybody, hey Zach good to see you.. >> Good to see you too. Just really briefly about myself been with ITProTV for four years. Have heavy background and broadcast film and tape. And I've learned a lot about IT from these great subject matter experts here at ITPro TV. Enough about me, Adam talking about you a little bit. So I've also been working with ITProTV for a very long time actually since they we open our doors here in one form or another. I've been working in our industry for well over 30 years approaching almost 40 years at this point. I do everything and anything you can think of this infrastructure Microsoft in particular certainly and Azure and cloud based as well. And I spend a lot of time as all of us do here at ITProTV. Creating really hopefully which you'll find to be exciting and engaging content in this case all around Microsoft Security and Microsoft 365. And how that platform can be put to use for you. >> And Adam, you're very humble, I must say he's a wonderful instructor. So here we are with Microsoft 365 Security Administration MS 500. Adam, what's in it for me? What problem will this course solve? >> Well you know if you are an administrator looking to understand how to use Microsoft 365 and by extension Azure. Because Azure and Microsoft 365 you're gonna confine come to find out on the course are inextricably linked. You cannot separate the two and one does not exist without the other. If you're looking to deploy, administer, configure, optimize, manage, maintain. And well just good old fashioned use those platforms this is the course is going to help you understand how to do that securely. And tell you the dues and don't specifically about what you need to know to take and pass the MS500 exam. But also how to do this in the real world and get it done the right way the first time. >> So Adam, tell us about the course goals. How will this course actually be broken up? >> Well we've got a series of different areas that we focus on topic blocks that Microsoft put together as part of the certification outline that drives the MS 500 exam. We're gonna faithfully aligned with and follow those. We break those topics and individual episodes again, align with Microsoft certification outline. And Zach and I spent a lot of time just having a great deal of fun talk about all sorts of cool stuff. Showing you how things will work and making sure you understand everything you need to know. In order to be successful. >> And we learn, we provided with all kinds of auxiliary information as well. Learning information. >> Episode notes, right? Episode notes. We do a variety of hands on demonstrations for almost every one of these topics. And show you how to do things in a demo tenant environment that we build we maintain and we provide here at ITProTV for our use. We encourage you to follow along and tell you how you can do that if you're interested. >> And is there a certification exam? >> Well, there is, as we mentioned, the MS 500 exam which is the exam currently associated with this content. You can go to and look for that in any and all of the Microsoft certification exams there. Get the latest information on what that exam covers. And how it is aligned with perhaps this or other learning paths associated with your ultimate certification goals. >> And briefly what is this certification exam like? Well, what can we expect? Well, this exam, like all Microsoft exams is going to be a combination of multiple choice questions that you're gonna have to interact with and make choices around. And there may or may not be additional hands on environments that you're asked to do a variety of tasks or execute a variety of activities within. And you combine those together and you have a standard certification exam. >> Well, I'm excited so Adam, why are you excited about this course? Well, I'm excited for several years. I can spend time with Zach certainly talking with you about all of the interesting topics that make up this particular focus. This area of knowledge associated with MS 500 Microsoft 365 Security. And the technologies associated with it is a vast and varied landscape. And we're gonna explore every area nook and cranny of it. We gonna take time to show you how those technologies work. Explain what they are, why they are important to you, what value they give you and your organization. And show you how to deploy them and use them practically. And really make sure you can understand how to achieve task specific goals that you your organization. And or Microsoft and certification exams is asking you to achieve. We're gonna prepare you to do all that. I'm gonna have a lot of fun along the way. >> Well, I can't wait to dive in and if Microsoft Security Administration MS 500 sounds like something you'd be interested in. And you should be make sure that you check it out in our course library. Thanks for watching ITProTV. We'll see you soon everybody be watching for you in the course, take care. >> Thank you for watching ITProTV.

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