Microsoft Azure (AZ-103) (In Production)

Microsoft Azure Administrator7 H 17 M

  • Manage Azure subscriptions and resources
    • Manage Subscriptions
    • Manage Subscriptions Part 2
    • Manage Subscriptions Part 3
    • Configure Diagnostic Setting on Resources
    • Working with Alerts
    • Working with Alerts Part 2
    • Working with Log Analytics
    • Manage Resource Groups
    • Manage Resource Groups Part 2
    • Manage Resource Groups Part 3
  • Implement and manage storage
    • Deploy and manage virtual machines (VMs)
      • Create and Configure Azure VMs
      • Create and Configure Azure VMs Part 2
      • Configure High Availability
      • Configure High Availability Part 2
      • Deploy and Configure Scale Sets
      • Deploy and Configure Scale Sets Part 2
      • Configure VM Backups
      • Configure VM Backups Part 2
      • Performing VM Restorations
    • Configure and manage virtual networks
      • Manage identities

        Manage Subscriptions

        22 M

        • Episode Description

        In this episode, Cherokee and Aubri explain what an Azure Subscription is. They weigh in on the pros and cons for using a single subscription versus multiple subscription model. They also discuss built-in and explain the associated duties and limitations.

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