Microsoft Windows 10 (MD-100) (Updated 2021)

Design and Implement a Device Strategy16 H 52 M

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  • Install Windows 10
    • Overview md100 2021
    • Perform a Clean Installation
    • Windows Deployment Services
    • Windows ADK
    • Windows 10 Editions
  • Perform Post-Installation Configuration
    • Configure Microsoft Edge
    • Configure Mobility Settings
    • Customize the Windows Desktop
    • Implement Activation
    • Configure Printers and External Devices
    • Configure Microsoft Store Settings
    • Configure Application Settings
    • Configure and Manage Services
  • Manage Users, Groups, and Devices
    • Manage Local Users
    • Manage Local Groups
    • Manage Objects in ADDS
    • Manage Objects in AAD
    • Configure Sign-in Options
  • Configure Devices by Using Local Policies
    • Implement Local Policy
    • Configure Settings Using Group Policy
    • Troubleshoot Group Policies
  • Manage Windows Security
    • Windows Security App
    • Configure User Account Control
    • Configure Windows Defender Firewall
    • Implement Encrypting File System
    • Implement Bitlocker
    • Configure Microsoft Defender Antivirus
    • Core Isolation, Secure Boot, and TPM
  • Configure Networking
    • Configure Client IP Settings
    • Configure Mobile Networking
    • Troubleshoot Networking
  • Configure Data Access and Protection
    • Configure NTFS Permissions
    • Configure Shared Permissions
    • Configure Local Storage
    • Additional Storage Configuration
    • Configure OneDrive
  • Configure System and Data Recovery
    • Perform File Recovery
    • Recover Windows 10 microsoft md100
    • Troubleshoot Startup and Boot Process
    • Troubleshoot Drivers
  • Manage Updates
    • Manage Windows Updates
    • Troubleshoot Windows Updates
  • Monitor and Manage Windows
    • Configure and Analyze Event Logs
    • Manage Performance
    • Manage Windows 10 Environment
    • Configure Local Registry
    • Schedule Tasks
  • Configure Remote Connectivity
    • Manage using Windows Admin Center
    • Configure Remote Assistance Tools
    • Manage Windows Remotely
    • Configure Remote Desktop Access

Overview md100 2021

8 M

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In this episode, you will learn about this course and the objectives we will cover.

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