Migrate to Windows Server

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  • Course Overview
    • Course Overview
  • Migrate On-Prem Storage to On-Prem Servers
    • Transfer Data and Shares
    • Using Storage Migration Service
    • Migrate to Azure File Shares
  • Migrate On-Prem Servers to Azure
    • Deploy and Configure Azure Migrate Appliance
    • Migrate Workloads to Azure IaaS
  • Migrate Workloads from Previous Versions
    • Migrate IIS
    • Migrate Hyper-V Hosts
    • Migrate RDS Host Servers
    • Migrate DHCP
    • Migrate Print Servers
  • Migrate IIS Workloads to Azure
    • Migrate IIS Workloads to Azure Web Apps
    • Migrate IIS Workloads to Containers
  • Migrate an AD DS Infrastructure to Windows Server 2022
    • Migrate AD DS Objects
    • Upgrade an Existing Forest

Course Overview

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Embark on a journey through the seamless transition of legacy systems to the forefront of innovation with our comprehensive course on migrating to Windows Server. You’ll learn to navigate the pivotal steps to elevate your on-prem storage to the enhanced capabilities of modern on-prem servers, ensuring a smooth and efficient upgrade path. As you pivot towards the cloud, discover the intricacies of lifting and shifting your on-prem servers into the expansive realm of Azure, unlocking agility, scalability, and global reach. You will delve deeper and tackle the specifics of migrating workloads from previous Windows Server versions, streamlining your transition with minimal disruption. For those leveraging Internet Information Services (IIS), you will Analyze the process of moving your web applications to Azure, enabling you to benefit from robust security, high availability, and dynamic scalability. Lastly, you learn to chart the course for upgrading your Active Directory infrastructure, as you hear expert insights on transitioning to Windows Server 2022 with confidence.

WEBVTT >> Welcome and thanks for joining us for this overview. This is for the module on migrating to Windows Server. I'll be your host slash, I guess, learner advocate for this module. My name is Sophie Goodwin, I'm an edutainer here at ACI Learning, and I'll be asking questions along the way, facilitating the discussion and asking the things that maybe you'd like to ask at home. I'm certified in cybersecurity, but all this stuff about migrating to Windows Server is new to me, so I will be learning along with you. Then of course, we've got Mr. Charles Pluda. He's going to be walking us through this as our subject matter expert for this module. Charles, tell us a little bit about yourself. >> Thanks Sophie. Hey everyone, my name is Charles. I'm a Microsoft certified trainer. I've been in the industry for probably about 15 years now, and a trainer for 10 years of that. My background is infrastructure and security. I've been working with Windows Server probably most of that years and then transitioned to Azure here the last few years. So happy to talk about these hybrid scenarios where we're going to be migrating from whether it's on-prem, traditional Windows Server to new versions or to Azure. >> Okay. So for this specific course, I know we're going to be talking about migration obviously quite a bit. I know we get to learn some new words, at least for me, talk about forests and domains. Is there anything else that we'll be covering that we should get familiar with? >> Yes. So the high-level things of what we'll cover in this module do revolve all around migration. So that could be some storage from say one server to another server, maybe some services like DHCP or print servers that will migrate from one server to another, or it could be services to Azure. So maybe you're migrating a web server or IIS server to an Azure app service or to containers. We've got a bunch of different migration episodes for different scenarios that we'll go through. >> Okay. So other than what you've already mentioned here, assuming we should probably at least have some idea of what Charles is talking about here. But is there any other prerequisite knowledge that we should be bringing to the table as learners? >> Yes. So there's probably some both on the Windows server side as well as the Azure side. In Windows server, I'm just going to kind of assume that you already know what the Active Directory environment looks like, how to log in, how to authenticate. You're probably already managing these workloads today, but we'll walk through some of the basics. So you should know how those are all set up. Kind of the same idea on the Azure side. We're not going to go into any introductory level information there. You should already know what an Azure account is or an antenna, what the subscription looks like, how to create resource groups. And then we'll jump into creating the individual resource group that we need for or the individual resources that we need to migrate some of these services. All right. >> Well, now you know who we are. You know what we're going to be taking a look at in this module. And maybe some of the knowledge that you'll need to bring to the table or that it might be a good idea to just be familiar with getting into this to kind of make your life a little bit easier. But I think that's going to do it for this overview. So thanks for joining us for this overview on a Migrating to Windows Server. And we'll see you in the course.