MTA Security Fundamentals - 98-367 (2018)

Security Fundamentals10 H 56 M

You only need to pass one exam to get the MTA designation and the Microsoft Security Fundamentals is a great certification to earn when you're just getting started.

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  • Understand Security Layers
    • Overview
    • Core Security Principles
    • Physical Security
    • Internet Browser Security
    • Internet Browser Security Part 2
    • Wireless Security
    • Wireless Security Part 2
  • Understand Operating system Security
    • User Authentication
    • User Authentication Part 2
    • Permissions
    • Permissions Part 2
    • Permissions Part 3
    • Password Policies
    • Audit Policies
    • Encryption
    • Encryption Part 2
    • Digital Certificates
    • Malware
    • Malware Part 2
  • Understand Network Security
    • Dedicated Firewalls
    • Network Isolation
    • Protocol Security
  • Understand Security Software
    • Client Protection
    • Email Protection
    • Server Protection


4 M

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  • Transcript

Welcome to the Microsoft MTA Security Fundamentals series. This series is intended to explore the topics necessary to prepare for the 98-367 exam. Here we cover many computer security related concepts such as exploring their best practices and practical application. This includes important topics like security layers, operating system security, network security, and security software.

[MUSIC] Hello, and thank you for watching ITProTV. I'm with Daniel Lowry, we're talking about MTA security fundamentals. Daniel, nice to see you, can you tell us what the course is all about? >> Yeah, sure, not a problem, the MTA security fundamentals is all about, well, security. Hoping you get that start in that security road down that field, so that you can start to understand the concepts and practices inside of a Windows environment when it comes to security. That's what they're trying to do, they're trying to build that foundation. So that as you become more and more of a security practitioner, you have a solid set of skills, understanding, and precepts to continue your conversation with regards to security. >> So in a broader view, who is the show targeted towards? >> That's a great question as well, it's targeted toward people that wish to have, A, a really good foundational knowledge of security practices in a Windows operating system environments. So this will be Windows desktops, as well as Windows servers. As well as the person that says, you know what, I want to not only be an IT worker, but I would like to focus in on security. This will help you move in towards your MCSA, if you intend to go down that trek as well. >> Is there a certification involved in this course? >> Yes, this is a certification course. We do have tech skill courses, but this is one of our certification areas. Where you will, if you take the exam and are able to successfully pass it, will receive a certification from Microsoft that labels you an MTA, and says that you have some security knowledge. That way, you are able to show an employer or any other person that wishes to ask, to be honest with you, about your security knowledge, you can say, check it out, I'm MTA certified. And we do need to understand some of the minutiae when it comes to the exam. So let's jump on to my computer very quickly, and let's take a look at Microsoft page they gave us about the MTA exam. So here it is, the exam number is the 98-367, so if you want to look it up by that, that's totally fine. It tells you when it was published, and the languages that they offer it in. The audience, it's telling you, is a bit academic, but hey, it's no problem for us, right? Technologies will be Windows 10, even though it says Windows Server here. I will tell you, you will need to know a bit about both, heavily on Windows 10, though, and the Windows desktop environment, I'll say. >> And Daniel, what topics are covered in MTA security fundamentals? >> That is a great question as well, I do wanna point out that you'll notice that this does cost you money. It's right here, $127 US as of the filming of this little overview for you good folks. So if you're there, and you can schedule with Certiport or Pearson VUE if you wanna go ahead and take the exam, if you're ready for it. But the topics that are covered, tells you right here, skills that are measured. You can read through that, but the objectives that they give you will give you a really good understanding of what's gonna be on the exam itself. And how much of the exam focuses on each one of those domains. You have understand course security principles, understand physical security, understand Internet security, wireless security. And then it gives you some resources, and each one of these domains will do that as well. Understand user authentication, permissions, password policies, audit policies, encryption. Malware, we're gonna cover all this stuff in this series. Every one of these domains, we will cover from stem to stern, no stone left unturned. Others that we have is network security, so dedicated firewalls, network isolation, protocol security. And last but not least, we have security software, which is client protection, email protection, and server protection. Those are the main bullet points that we're gonna cover, and you can see, there are subpoints underneath that. So look through this list, there is the URL right here to help you get to this page. Or you can just search it on your favorite search engine and look this up, go to this page right here, check it out and make yourself a copy of this. It'll help you in your endeavor of making sure you're on track when you're studying. >> Thanks Daniel, now, if MTA security fundamentals sounds like something you should be interested in, and you should be. Then make sure you see every single episode inside of the course library, and thank you for watching ITProTV. [MUSIC]

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