Microsoft Power BI Skills

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  • Architecture
    • Overview
    • Prerequisites
  • Navigate
    • Get acquainted
  • How Do I?
    • Identify & Connect to a Data Source
    • Change Data Source Settings
    • Select a Storage Mode
    • Use the Microsoft Dataverse
    • Connect to a Data Flow
    • Resolve Data Issues
    • Identify & Create Appropriate Keys for Joins
    • Work with Data & Queries
    • Create Calculated Tables & Columns
    • Create Basic Measures by using DAX
    • Create Reports in Power BI Desktop
    • Create Reports in the Power BI Service
    • Create a Dashboard
    • Design Reports for Mobile Devices
    • Use the Analyze Feature in Power BI


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  • Episode Description
  • Transcript

You're watching IT Pro TV. >> Hello everybody welcome to the Microsoft power bi skills course. I'm Adam Gordon an entertainer here at IT Pro TV. I'm gonna be your guide for everything you want to know about power behind probably a lot of things you didn't know. You wanted to know throughout our time together across the course this is a tech skills hands on course. And what that means to you said I'm gonna spend time setting up and explaining a variety of different topics. Broken into three distinct sections. We're gonna have a little prerequisites conversation about what it means to actually get ready to use power bi. I how we download it where we get it from, how we install it. Then we're gonna take a look at kind of getting acquainted architecture overview discussion. How do we navigate in this case through two distinct interfaces. We're gonna be looking at the power bi desktop app along with the power bi service the SAs portal offering the web service. Where we do a variety of things but we do so from the web we're then gonna go in and dive deep. And take a look at us how two episodes how do I do this how do I do that questions I've gotten from the field from customers. And students I work with on a regular basis around Power bi I we've turned all of those into the bulk and the form of those episodes. For this particular course we're gonna put all that knowledge together and walk through. Do a quick little setup on each one and then we're gonna jump right in and show you how to do all those things. Got a bunch of interesting stuff planned for you. We're gonna take a look at how we can use the power query editor to be able to transform data. We're gonna take a look at how to do mobile design and render information like our dashboards. And reports to mobile devices and a little sneak peak. We're actually gonna show you what it looks like on a mobile device. Use some IT Pro TV. Magic to do that. We're gonna be able to take a look at the analysis tools built right in to power bi I. Services portal and we're gonna spend a lot of time seeing how to structure our data. Create reports and visualize them using both platforms and a whole bunch of other stuff that's going to be of interest to you as well. I'm gonna be your guide for all that as I suggested. I've been working with Power bi I for some time now and I work across the depth and breadth of the Microsoft staff. And stack on the infrastructure side as well as on the information analysis side in querying databases. All that kind of stuff and I've been doing that well Almost as long as Microsoft's been around as a company. At this point and I do that now. Not only here for IT Pro TV. For all of you but broadly across the ACI. Learning family as we produce content for all of our members globally. I'm looking forward to spending time with all of you and getting acquainted. And showing you the intricacies and the value of power bi I I hope you are as well. I'm gonna go get ready for our beginning episodes and are beginning conversations when you are ready. I invite you and encourage you to join me but until then I'm gonna say goodbye, good luck. And I look forward to seeing you soon. Thank you for watching IT pro T V.