SC-200: Microsoft Security Operations Analyst

8 H 37 M

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  • Use Microsoft 365 Defender to Mitigate Threats
    • Course Overview
    • Introducing Microsoft 365 Defender
    • Introducing Microsoft Defender for Office 365
    • Using Defender for Office 365
    • Introducing Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps
    • Using Defender for Cloud Apps
    • Introducing Microsoft Defender for Endpoint
    • Use Security Baselines for Devices
    • Using Additional Features in Defender for Endpoints
    • Introducing Microsoft Defender for Identity
    • Use Defender for Identity to Protect Active Directory
    • Introducing Extended Detection and Response in Defender
    • Use the Action Center for Security
    • Perform Threat Hunting/Analytics
  • Use Microsoft Defender for Cloud to Mitigate Threats
    • Introducing Microsoft Defender for Cloud
    • Plan and Configure Defender for Cloud
    • Configure Defender for Cloud Roles
    • Assess Cloud Workload Protection
    • Use Microsoft Defender for Cloud Secure Score
    • Setting Security and Regulatory Policy
    • Configure Workflow Automation
    • Connect Multi-Cloud and On-Prem Resources
    • Defender for Cloud Data Collection
    • Working with Alerts and Email Notifications
    • Configure Automated Onboarding
    • Reporting in Defender and User Data Management
  • Use Microsoft Sentinel to Mitigate Threats
    • Planning a Microsoft Sentinel Deployment
    • Configure Sentinel Resources
    • Configure Sentinel Roles
    • Planning for Data Sources and Data Connectors
    • Data Connectors, Event Collectors, and Custom Connectors
    • Configure Queries and Analytics Rules
    • Define Incident Creation Logic
    • Use Watchlists and Threat Indicators
    • Analyze Data Using Entities
    • Create Custom Logs in Azure Log Analytics
    • Develop and Manage ASIM Parsers
    • Configure Automation Rules
    • Use Automation in Microsoft Sentinel
    • Investigate Multi-Workspace Incidents
    • User and Entity Behavior Analytics
    • Use Workbooks
    • Configure Advanced Visualizations
    • Use Hunting Queries
    • Threat Hunt Using Notebooks and Bookmarks

Course Overview

1 M

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  • Transcript

WEBVTT >> Well, you can only imagine my surprise when I was getting prepared for this course and I saw all the enhancements that have taken place with Microsoft Defender. It is remarkable the different Defender products that we have now and also remarkable that Microsoft is taking on the same industry with their own edition called Microsoft Sentinel. My name is Anthony Sequera and in this course I'm going to be walking you through these various iterations of Microsoft Defender. We'll look at Defender for Cloud, we'll look at Defender for Endpoints, we'll discuss all these various products that are really going to help us secure our cloud-based and on-prem infrastructures. But as I said, one of the things I'm most excited about in this course is to take a look at Microsoft Sentinel which really is their attempt at something like Splunk. And as some of you know, I actually used to work for Splunk and teach Splunk here at ACI Learning. So this was a great fit for me to go through this content with you when it comes to the latest greatest Microsoft security technologies. That's what we'll do as we move throughout these episodes and I am thrilled to guide you through the latest in Microsoft Cloud Security Tech.