Use Microsoft 365 Defender to Mitigate Threats

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  • Overview
    • Course Overview
    • Introducing Microsoft 365 Defender
  • Mitigate Threats Using Microsoft 365 Defender
    • Introducing Microsoft Defender for Office 365
    • Using Defender for Office 365
    • Introducing Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps
    • Using Defender for Cloud Apps
  • Mitigate Threats Using Microsoft Defender for Endpoint
    • Introducing Microsoft Defender for Endpoint
    • Use Security Baselines for Devices
    • Using Additional Features in Defender for Endpoints
  • Mitigate Threats Using Microsoft Defender for Identity
    • Introducing Microsoft Defender for Identity
    • Use Defender for Identity to Protect Active Directory
  • Manage XDR in Microsoft 365 Defender
    • Introducing Extended Detection and Response in Defender
    • Use the Action Center for Security
    • Understanding the Microsoft Secure Score
    • Perform Threat Hunting/Analytics

Course Overview

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WEBVTT >> Welcome in. I'm your host, Lauren Diehl, and I'll be your learner advocate as we go along. But I'm so excited to welcome Anthony to the show. Anthony, tell us a little bit about you. >> Sure, Lauren. So I have been working with Microsoft and Microsoft Products now for decades. And I have also been quite busy with cloud technologies-- AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and, of course, Azure. So it's no surprise that I've been asked to lead this class in Defender, Microsoft Defender. Lauren, this is a product that I've been working with since its inception. And we're going to talk about it as we go through these episodes. This is a product that has changed dramatically over the last 20 years. So I can't wait to fill everyone in on the details. Well, this is going to be an exciting course for you to check out. And maybe if you're watching at home and you're thinking, is this the right course for me? Anthony, tell us about what to expect and who would be the ideal person to watch this. Yeah, we have two primary audiences for this course. We have those individuals-- and I would say this is the majority of our viewers-- they're going to be interested in getting all they can out of Microsoft's Defender product and suite of products, actually. And they're probably here because they're confused about what Microsoft is doing lately when it comes to this Defender product. But then we'll also have students here that are interested in Microsoft certifications. And yes, everything that Lauren and I will talk about with you regarding this topic maps directly to Microsoft certification exams. In fact, there is a security-centric exam, SC200, that we are using as the basis for much of what we'll cover. But please note, this is not going to be one of those, like, Kaplan, get your degree. We're interested in certification courses. We're not that interested as much as we want to make sure you're armed with Windows Defender and ready to use it should you subscribe to it. You know, Lauren, I just thought of this. We do have a third type of student with us here, I bet you. And that's the student that really just wants to check out Windows Defender, Microsoft Defender, see what is new with it. Because maybe they're a decision maker that might be adopting it. >> Well, this is an exciting course to be part of. And I'll be asking Anthony all the questions that you may be having at home. And so we're going to get into our first episodes. And so let's not waste any more time. Let's jump in. We'll see you soon.