Windows 10 Security

Security in Windows 109 H 33 M

  • Windows 10 Security
    • Overview
    • Data Security
    • Data Security Part 2
    • Data Security Part 3
    • Authentication
    • Authentication Part 2
    • Host Security
    • Host Security Part 2
    • Group Policy Management
    • Browser Security
    • Account Management
    • Account Management Part 2
    • Application Management
    • Certificates
    • Auditing
    • Backup and Recovery
    • Windows Security
    • Remote Access
    • Microsoft Intune
    • Security in CLI
    • Security in the CLI Part 2
    • Security in the CLI Part 3


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There are a lot of different technologies that can be used to keep data more secure in Windows 10 including NTFS permissions, which controls the level of access someone has and the kind of actions one can perform on different files. The topics that are covered range from data security, host security, application management to recovery of the operating system. This is designed for a broad range of individuals including help-desk technicians to the average end-user seeking to implement a more secure Windows 10 environment.

[SOUND] Hello, we're here to introduce you to our new Windows 10 Security show where it's gonna be one of the tech skills courses that we offer. We wanna make sure that you feel comfortable and that you understand what's going on, and here to help us out is gonna be Mr. Wes Brian. Wes, who is this particular course really designed for and what topics are we gonna be taking a look at? >> Very good, Ronnie. When it comes to this course, it's really gonna be for anybody that wants a better understanding of the security mechanisms that are inside of Windows 10. Keep in mind that this isn't really focused at any different skill level. You could be entry level, if you will. Maybe somebody that just kinda home user if you will what is a little bit more interested in how you can secure your Windows 10 machines around the home. You could be an employer or an employee for that matter, that maybe you want to stand out a little bit more than the rest and build your skills inside of Windows 10 by learning how to secure it. Again, like I said employers too. It could be managers as well, so this really isn't focused to any one person. And when it comes to the skill levels itself there aren't any prerequisites, so it's a good way to kinda up your skills when it comes to security. Now, what are some of the topics that we're gonna look at? Well, we're gonna look at various topics, things like data security, authentication and some of the authentication mechanisms that you can see inside of Windows. We're gonna look at some concepts like host security. What does it mean to get your operating system secure so you're less vulnerable to some of the attacks that are out there? As well as things like application security. Not only host security is important, but the applications and the software that runs with inside of the Windows operating system is gonna be very, very important to be able to secure them. We'll look at concepts like some of the enterprise-level concepts as well, like group policy, how about web browsers? Everybody out there has used a web browser once or twice I'm sure, so we're also gonna look at things like web browser security and functionalities that you can use to maybe even enhance your experience inside of the web browser itself. We'll look at things like account management. Do you know how to create user account, and some of the things that you can do to restrict to the access that a user might have, if they're using the computers. For instance, maybe you have a child that's logging into the machine, you wanna be able to control the user experience that they have, make it a little bit more safe for them. So we'll look at things like basic account management. Now, Ronnie, we're gonna have all other kinds of things there, but these are some of the high level of topics that you can expect to see instead of the Windows 10 security. >> So Wes, is this particular show then exam-focused or do we have to worry about anything like? >> Well, this one is one that kinda deviates from other things like our Windows 10 courses that we have that are specific to the MCSE and specific exams. This really isn't exam-centric. Keep in mind, however, that you always benefit, if you are out there right now maybe currently studying for a Windows 10 certification, well, this can benefit you but keep in mind that we're not gonna be following things like skills measured and the objectives that you would find in those certifications. But more information is always better information so if you wanna learn a little bit more about Windows 10 security, stick around cuz we got a lot more coming up. [NOISE]

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