Hands-on BGP (In Production)

4 H 50 M

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  • BGP Basics
    • What is BGP?
    • Why and When to Use BGP?
    • Do We Need an ASN?
    • How does BGP Work?
    • How do Autonomous Systems Become Neighbors?
    • How Do We Advertise Networks into BGP?
    • Why Do We Need iBGP?
    • Loopback Addresses for iBGP Peerings
  • BGP Intermediate
    • BGP Attributes and Path Selection
    • BGP Weight Attribute
    • BGP Local Preference Attribute
    • BGP AS Path Prepending
    • BGP Attribute Categories
    • BGP Routing Table-Redux
    • BGP next-hop-self
    • BGP Route Summarization
    • BGP Multi-Exit Descriminator

What is BGP?

11 M

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  • Episode Description

The learner review the basics of IGPs to se the context for learning about BGP. He will learn how BGP is different and some of the details about the protocol itself.

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