Hands-on BGP

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  • BGP Basics
    • Overview
    • What is BGP?
    • Why and When to Use BGP?
    • Do We Need an ASN?
    • How does BGP Work?
    • How do Autonomous Systems Become Neighbors?
    • How Do We Advertise Networks into BGP?
    • Why Do We Need iBGP?
    • Loopback Addresses for iBGP Peerings
    • BGP next-hop-self
  • BGP Intermediate
    • BGP Attributes and Path Selection
    • BGP Weight Attribute
    • BGP Local Preference Attribute
    • BGP AS Path Prepending
    • BGP Multi-Exit Descriminator
    • BGP Attribute Categories
    • BGP Routing Table-Redux
    • BGP Route Summarization
    • BGP AIGP Introduction
    • BGP AIGP Configuration
  • BGP Advanced Features
    • BGP Communities Introduction
    • BGP Communities Configuration
    • MPLS Layer 3 VPN BGP AllowAS-In
    • BGP Route Reflectors
    • BGP Aggregate AS-SET
    • BGP Remove Private AS
    • BGP Backdoor Routes
    • BGP Unsuppress-map
    • BGP Prevent Transit AS
    • BGP Route Refresh Capabilities


1 M

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  • Episode Description

BGP is the protocol that routes the internet. This show will introduce you to BGP as the protocol of the internet, how to get it up and running and then verify that you have BGP working. Though the configuration is simple. The choices you have to route are all dependent upon policy decisions you make.

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