Palo Alto Networks Cybersecurity Fundamentals (PCCSA)

6 H 47 M

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  • Cybersecurity Contexts
    • Overview
    • Identify Computing and Networking Trends
    • Describe Cybersecurity Threats
    • Describe Common Cyberattack Techniques
    • Identify Wi-Fi Vulnerabilities and Attacks
    • Describe Advanced Persistent Threats
  • Systems and Networking
    • Identify Basic Internet and Network Operations
    • Describe Routing Protocols
    • Review Networking Models
    • Review Network Addressing
    • Learn Networking Security Models
    • Identify Networking Security Technologies
    • Learn Basic Data Center Security Concepts
    • Learn Basic Cloud Security Concepts
    • Learn Basic Virtualization Security Concepts
    • Learn Basic DevOps Security Concepts
    • Endpoint Security
    • Server and System Administration
    • Describe ITIL concepts and Support Functions
  • Palo Alto Networks Security Solutions
    • Identify Palo Alto Networks Security Solutions
    • Describe Basic NGFW Components and Functions
    • Learn Basic Prisma Cloud
    • Describe Prisma Access
    • Describe Prisma SaaS Protections
    • Describe Cortex XDR and Data Lake
    • Describe Cortex XSOAR and AutoFocus


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  • Episode Description
  • Transcript

The Palo Alto Networks Certified Cybersecurity Associate show is produced for anyone who want to learn the fundamentals of cybersecurity so that they have the knowledge for an entry-level network security career. They will be introduced to the context of cybersecurity knowledge and the Palo Alto technologies that can stop those attacks. There is no pre-requisite required only a desire to learn more about cybersecurity and Palo Alto Security solutions.

You're watching IT Pro TV [MUSIC] >> Welcome to the Palo Alto Networks cybersecurity associate show. That's right, Mike Rodrick and I took some time and made sure that we went through and covered every single exam objectives for those that are seeking the PCCSA exam and of course certification. Now, as soon as we finish the course, we also ended up realizing something that exam is no longer offered by Palo Alto. Now that's not a big surprise that exams change, but it did change on us during the shooting of this course. So we wanted to actually ensure that we presented the material anyways. And the reason why is maybe you're starting off a career in cybersecurity as well as needing a little bit of background in Palo alto equipment as well. And this is what this show will present to you. You'll learn about the terminology that Palo alto uses as well as a cybersecurity basics, which will help you to pursue well, further certifications as well, especially along the realm of Palo alto certifications. So if you're actually ready to get started, what the great thing is, it's only one click away and we'll see you there. >> Thank you for watching IT Pro TV.