Skype for Business

Collaboration tool for real-time input for PC12 H 54 M

Many teams use Skype for Business; the popular communications platform from Microsoft that helps teams communicate effortlessly. Learn all it's features here.

  • Introduction
    • Overview
    • Introduction to Skype for Business
    • Install Skype for Business
    • Sign-in and Interface
    • Setup and Troubleshoot Audio and Video Devices
  • Contacts
    • Add and Organize Contacts
    • Status and Options
    • Contact Cards and Privacy Relationships
  • Conversations
    • Instant Message: Basics
    • Manage Multiple Instant Messages
    • Manage Instant Message Conversations
    • Understand Audio Calls
    • Manage Skype Calls
    • Manage Phone Calls
    • Manage Phone Settings
    • Video Calls
  • Meetings
    • Introduction to Meetings
    • Schedule a Meeting
    • Manage Participants
    • Join a Meeting
    • Start an Impromptu Meeting
    • Record a Meeting
  • Collaborate
    • Share Your Desktop or Window
    • Use the Whiteboard
    • Share PowerPoint Files
    • Conduct a Poll
    • Conduct a Q and A Session
    • Co-Author Office Document
    • Collaborate with OneNote
    • Manage Content
    • Share a Video


10 M

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  • Episode Description

Skype for Business is the popular communications platform from Microsoft that can do so much more than just instant message. This course covers everything from installing Skype for Business to running an online, collaborative meeting. Other topics include managing contacts, conducting video and audio calls, placing phone calls and managing phone settings, and using collaboration tools such as screen sharing, whiteboards, and polls. This course is specifically for locally installed Skype for Business 2016 client on a Windows operating system.

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