Improving Across the Board in Agile Projects

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  • Continuous Improvement
    • Course Overview
    • Continuous Improvement in Agile Projects
    • The Power of the Retrospective
    • Pre-Mortem as an Agile Tool
    • Continuous Improvement - EXAM REVIEW

Course Overview

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This course overview covers the learning objectives of the “Continuous Improvement” domain of the ACP exam.

line:-1 <v.Male.spk1 Speaker1>>> Welcome, everyone. I want to welcome you back to our look at line:-1 <v.Male.spk1 Speaker1>Ed Giles certified professional and we have with us today, line:-1 <v.Male.spk1 Speaker1>Chris. Chris, I love that shirt like this. Yes, great. All this line:-1 <v.Male.spk1 Speaker1>stuff. Official ACI logo does stuff. I don't know where he's line:-1 <v.Male.spk1 Speaker1>getting, but I still learn from his closet and to get myself a line:-1 <v.Male.spk1 Speaker1>nice shirt. But Chris, let's get down to business year. line:-1 <v.Male.spk1 Speaker1>What are we going to pick up with today in our journey line:-1 <v.Male.spk1 Speaker1>through the agile certified profession? line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>>> Well, the good news is that this is going to be, as we do line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>our little course overview here. We're talking about line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>continual improvement. So, yeah, the sound of that, line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>it's great. And so for those of you who think really wait, line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>is this a project management classes this and I till class, line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>what is it? Yes, it's kind of both because continual line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>improvement is such a huge part of just about any framework line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>that you're going to study. If you're going to be studying line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>things like it, service management, like I till if line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>you're going to be studying a governance like COVID 2019, line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>if you're going to be studying things like risk management line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>like see risk, we're something like a sack of comes up with or line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>here in PMI both the pmp, the cap them and the ACP. You're line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>going to be talking about how to continually improve the how line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>you do things, what you do when you do it and the end anything line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>and everything is under. That's go. We want to improve line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>Anthony and in this particular course that we're going to be line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>doing over the next few episodes will be talking about line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>continuous improvement. line:-1 <v.Male.spk1 Speaker1>>> I have loved calling these episodes with you for a whole line:-1 <v.Male.spk1 Speaker1>bunch of reasons. Obviously I love learning this stuff. line:-1 <v.Male.spk1 Speaker1>But one of the reasons I love this, Chris, is how we can line:-1 <v.Male.spk1 Speaker1>apply it to our own life with yes, a collection, the project, line:-1 <v.Male.spk1 Speaker1>but even kind of the warm fuzzy of just the concept of line:-1 <v.Male.spk1 Speaker1>continual improvement. I realize it's been something line:-1 <v.Male.spk1 Speaker1>that I've been trying to do with my classes here with the line:-1 <v.Male.spk1 Speaker1>tennis that I play. I mean, I love how there are things we're line:-1 <v.Male.spk1 Speaker1>learning here that you can apply to all aspects your life. line:-1 <v.Male.spk1 Speaker1>And definitely so that's what this course is going to be line:-1 <v.Male.spk1 Speaker1>about. So hopefully going join Anthony Night as we start. line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>>> Getting through some of those episodes that help you be line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>better. It continually improving here here at it pro a line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>part of the CI learning