Improving Across the Board in Agile Projects

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  • Continuous Improvement
    • Course Overview
    • Continuous Improvement in Agile Projects
    • The Power of the Retrospective
    • Pre-Mortem as an Agile Tool
    • Continuous Improvement - EXAM REVIEW

Course Overview

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This course overview covers the learning objectives of the “Continuous Improvement” domain of the ACP exam.

WEBVTT >> Welcome, everyone. I want to welcome you back to our look at agile, certified professional. And we have with us today Chris. Chris, I love that shirt. You like this? Yes. Chris has all this official ACI logoed stuff. I don't know where he's getting it. But-- I steal it from his closet. I'm going to find my closet, and I'm going to get myself a nice shirt. But Chris, let's get down to business here. What are we going to pick up with today in our journey through the agile, certified professional? >> Well, the good news is that this is going to be, as we do our little course overview here, we're talking about continual improvements. So-- I like the sound of that. It's great. And so for those of you who think, really? Wait, is this a project management class? Is this an ITIL class? What is it? Yes, it's kind of both. Because continual improvement is such a huge part of just about any framework that you're going to study. If you're going to be studying things like IT service management, like ITIL, if you're going to be studying governance like COVID 2019, if you're going to be studying things like risk management, like C-Risk, or something like Asaka comes up with, or here in PMI, both the PMP, the CAPM, and the ACP, you're going to be talking about how to continually improve the how you do things, what you do, when you do it. And anything and everything is under that scope. We want to improve, Anthony. And in this particular course that we're going to be doing, over the next few episodes, we're going to be talking about continuous improvement. >> I have loved co-ing these episodes with you for a whole bunch of reasons. Obviously, I love learning this stuff. But one of the reasons I've loved this, Chris, is how we can apply it to our own life, which is a collection of projects. But even kind of the warm fuzzy of just the concept of continual improvement, I realize it's been something that I've been trying to do with my classes here, with the tennis that I play. I mean, I do love how there are things we are learning here that you can apply to all aspects of your life. Definitely. So that's what this course is going to be about. So hopefully, you're going to join Anthony and I as we start >> getting through some of those episodes that help you be better at continually improving here at ITPro, a part of ACI learning.