Managing Stakeholders with Agile Practices

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  • Stakeholder Engagement
    • Course Overview
    • Defining Stakeholders
    • Personas
    • User Stories
    • Wireframes
    • Definition of Done and Refactoring
    • F2F
    • Information Radiators
    • Agile Soft Skill Tools
    • Agile Modeling
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Management vs Leadership
    • Servant Leadership
    • Leading Agile Project Teams
    • Stakeholder Engagement - EXAM REVIEW

Course Overview

10 M

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Chris and Lauren give you an overview of what to expect in this course.

WEBVTT >> Welcome in. I'm your host, Lauren Deal, and I'll be your learner advocate as we go along, asking all the questions that you may have at home. And I'm so excited to welcome to our show, Chris Ward, who is our subject matter expert. And Chris, >> what are we talking about today? Well, this is the beginning of our ACP, Agile Certified Professional Course, on managing stakeholders. And so if you've seen some of the other courses yet in this path to getting your ACP, you already know me. But if you don't, I am a PMP, Project Management Professional, an Agile Certified Professional, and Professional Scrum Master. And so that's what I bring to the table. And we're going to take you on a journey in this portion, in this domain, Lauren, of the ACP to talk about one of the biggest reasons why projects, whether they're predictive or agile, can fail. And that is not understanding and not utilizing the stakeholders and managing your stakeholders in a correct way. In these series of episodes in this particular course, we're going to be talking about things like user stories. We're going to talk about personas and wireframes, how we define and manage our stakeholders, how do we use the team, all of this and more in this portion of the ACP course. >> Well, this is going to be one episode or one series that you're not going to want to miss. We've got a bunch of episodes lined up for you that are going to help you as you learn to manage stakeholders. So Chris, what do you say we get started with our first episode? Sounds like a great idea. All right, we'll see you there.