Accredited PRINCE2® 6th Edition Foundation

Introductory certification to Prince2 2017 project managment14 H 4 M

Budding project management who wish to get better at managing projects should consider the PRINCE2 6th Edition Foundation certification to solidify their skills.

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  • Introduction
    • Overview
    • Intro to Prince2 Project Management
    • Prince2 Environment
    • Prince2 Environment Part 2
  • Principles
    • Prince2 Principles
  • Tailoring
    • Prince2 Tailoring
  • Themes
    • Prince2 Themes Business Case
    • Prince2 Themes: Organisation Theme
    • Prince2 Themes Organisation Theme Part 2
    • Prince2 Themes Organisation Theme Part 3
    • Prince2 Themes Quality
    • Prince2 Themes: Quality Part 2
    • Prince2 Themes: Plans
    • Prince2 Themes: Plans Part 2
    • Prince2 Themes: Plans Part 3
    • Prince2 Themes: Risk
    • Prince2 Themes: Risk Part 2
    • Prince2 Themes: Change
    • Prince2 Themes: Change Part 2
    • Prince2 Themes: Progress
  • Processes
    • Prince2 Processes: Introduction to Processes
    • Prince2 Processes: Starting Up a Project
    • Prince2 Processes: Starting up a Project Part 2
    • Prince2 Processes: Directing a Project
    • Prince2 Processes: Initiating a Project
    • Prince2 Processes: Initiating a Project Part 2
    • Prince2 Processes: Controlling a Stage
    • Prince2 Processes: Managing Product Delivery
    • Prince2 Processes: Managing a Stage
    • Prince2 Processes: Closing a Project
  • Exam
    • Intro to Exam
    • Exam Review
    • Exam Review Part 2


2 M

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  • Transcript

Based on AXELOS PRINCE2® material. Material is reproduced under license from AXELOS. All rights reserved. PRINCE2® is a registered trademark of AXELOS Limited, used under permission of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved. In this series we explore the concepts of Prince2® 6th Edition project management and prepare for the Axelos Prince2® 6th Edition Foundation examination accredited by PeopleCert. *Access to this content requires an exam voucher*

[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Jo Peacock from IT Pro TV, and welcome to another great series here. Here we are looking at the Prince2 Foundation series and what we're going to be covering in this particular series is, well, a foundation to Prince2 Project management. The first thing I want to address is kind of the elephants in the series and that is the name of the series. A lot of you will have heard of Prince2 and will know this is Prince2 2017. But as of January, 1st of January in 2020, the name has officially changed in line with other methodologies to Prince2 sixth edition. Which means that the previous version of Prince2 the 2009 version is now known as the Prince2 fifth edition. And here we are in what could also be called Prince2 2017, but we're now addressing this as Prince2 sixth edition. Now, this show, this series was actually recorded during 2019 towards the end of 2018 and 2019. So throughout the show you will join me and my host and we will be talking about Prince2 2017. It's exactly the same thing, cuz the content has not changed. It's still Prince2. It's still, well it was 2017, it's just simply been renamed. So your downloadable materials that you have your course content that you have will have been changed to reflect Prince2 6th edition. However, what's going to be showing on the screen, well, unfortunately that's not so easy to update without actually re recording the entire series. And as you're already aware, when you've looked at the number of hours in this series, that's not so easy to do. So the course itself has remained exactly the same. What you will see on the screen will reflect Prince2 2017, but what you will have available to download reflects Prince2 sixth edition. They're both still exactly the same. The content is exactly the same, the only thing that has changed in the title is the title. So I'm gonna invite you to join me in our Prince2 Foundation series. When we look at Prince2 and all of the foundation to project management that you will need to help you to gain your Prince2 sixth edition certificate, Foundation certificate and then move on to Prince2 practitioner, which of course again is the sixth edition. So I will see you in our next series. [MUSIC]