Accredited ITIL® 4 Foundation 2022

An introduction to the ITIL 4 Framework of ITSM13 H 8 M

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  • Introduction to IT Service Management
    • Welcome to ITIL 4 Foundation
    • The Foundation Exam
    • What is new in ITIL 4?
    • What is a service?
    • Organizations and Roles
    • Value in ITSM
    • Service Offerings
    • Service Relationships
  • ITIL Guiding Principles
    • Guiding Principles Overview
    • Focus on Value
    • Start Where You Are
    • Progress Iteratively with Feedback
    • Collaborate and Promote Visibility
    • Think and Work Holistically
    • Keep it Simple and Practical
    • Optimize and Automate
  • Four Dimensions of ITSM
    • Organizations and People
    • Information and Technology
    • Partners and Suppliers
    • Value Streams and Processes
  • Service Value System and Service Value Chain
    • The Service Value System
    • Governance
    • Management Practices Overview
    • Continual Improvement
    • The Service Value Chain
    • Plan, Improve, and Engage
    • Design and Transition
    • Obtain/Build
    • Deliver and Support
    • Building a Value Stream
  • ITIL Management Practices
    • Continual Improvement
    • Change Enablement
    • Incident Management
    • Problem Management
    • Service Request Management
    • Service Desk
    • Service Level Management
    • Information Security Management
    • Relationship Management
    • Supplier Management
    • IT Asset Management
    • Monitoring and Event Management
    • Service Configuration Management
    • Release and Deployment Management
  • Exam Preparation
    • The Tools
    • Using the Sample Papers
    • Case Study: Health Care Industry
    • Case Study: Manufacturing
    • Signing up for the Exam

Welcome to ITIL 4 Foundation

15 M

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  • Episode Description

In this episode Chris and Zach introduce you to the ITIL framework and what you will learn in this course.

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