PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)

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  • ACP Exam Prep
    • Course Overview
    • The Exam Application
    • The PMI-ACP Exam
    • Welcome to PMI Island! (Approaching the Exam)
  • Leading Your Agile Team and Project
    • The PMBOK Guide
    • Predictive vs Adaptive Methodologies
    • The History of Agile
    • Basic Agile Concepts
    • Choosing Your Priorities
    • Terminology of Agile
    • Agile Metholdologies - Scrum
    • Agile Methodologies - Extreme Programming
    • Agile Methodologies - Lean Software Development
    • Agile Methodologies - Feature-Driven Development (FDD)
    • Agile Methodologies - Dynamic Systems Development (DSDM)
    • Agile Methodologies- Crystal Development
    • Agile Methodologies - Kanban
    • Agile Methodologies - Scrum of Scrums, SAFe, and Disciplined Agile Development
    • Agile Methodologies - LeSS
    • Agile Methodologies - Nexus
    • Agile Methodologies - Picking the Perfect Method
    • Agile Principles and Mindset - EXAM Review
  • Delivering Value in Agile Projects
    • What is Value Driven Delivery?
    • Understanding Business Value
    • The Project Charter
    • Value Stream Mapping
    • Prioritizing in Agile
    • Story Maps
    • Risk in Agile Projects
    • Deming and the PDCA
    • Decision Tree Analysis and EMV
    • Agile Contracting
    • Earned Value
    • Agile Tracking Tools
    • Value Driven Delivery - EXAM REVIEW
  • Managing Stakeholders with Agile Practices
    • Defining Stakeholders
    • Personas
    • User Stories
    • Wireframes
    • Definition of Done and Refactoring
    • F2F
    • Information Radiators
    • Agile Soft Skill Tools
    • Agile Modeling
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Management vs Leadership
    • Servant Leadership
    • Leading Agile Project Teams
    • Stakeholder Engagement - EXAM REVIEW
  • Building A Performance Driven Agile Team
    • Adaptive Leadership
    • Leadership and Sources of Power
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • COCOMO
    • OODA Loop, Satir Change, and Tuckman's Team Model
    • Building High Performance Teams
    • The Daily Standup (Scrum)
    • Agile Coaching
    • Team Performance - EXAM REVIEW
  • Planning and Adapting using Agile Principles
    • What is Adaptive Planning?
    • The Agile Pyramids
    • Agile Games and Estimating
    • Handling Project Delays
    • Planning Differences
    • Adaptive Planning - EXAM REVIEW
  • Detecting and Resolving Problems in Agile
    • Detecting Problems and Resolution
    • Control Charts
    • Continuous Integrations (CI/CD)
    • Test Driven Dev and Risk-Based Spikes
    • Design Stamina
    • Agile Problem Solving
    • Problem Detection and Resolution - EXAM REVIEW
  • Improving Across the Board in Agile Projects
    • Continuous Improvement in Agile Projects
    • The Power of the Retrospective
    • Pre-Mortem as an Agile Tool
    • Continuous Improvement - EXAM REVIEW

Course Overview

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  • Transcript

Chris and Lauren give an overview of what you can expect in this series on the Agile Certified Professional Exam preparation.

WEBVTT >> Welcome to Agile Certified Professional. I'm your host, Lauren Deal, and I'll be your learner >> advocate as we go along, asking Chris Ward all the questions. So welcome to the show, Chris Ward. And what are we going to be talking about? Well, this is, like you said, the Agile Certified Professional Certification course to help prepare you for that particular certification that is put out by the Project Management Institute. Now, for those of you who are joining us, many of you probably are coming from more of a predictive project management background. Maybe you have your certified associate in project management, CAPM. Or maybe you have the Project Management Professional, PMP. And you might be saying to yourself, well, Chris, Lauren, why am I in here? And is it that much different from everything I've learned? Actually, it is. And there's a lot of differences in what we would say in an agile mindset, in an agile methodology. So what are we going to be covering? Well, a lot of things. We're going to talk about value-driven delivery. We're going to be talking about managing your stakeholders. We're going to be talking about the different types of agile methodologies. Because one thing a lot of people don't understand is that agile is not the project management method. It's not a method. It's not a set of tools. Instead, it is a series of methodologies. It is a mindset on how to perform your projects. And so what we're going to do is we're going to take a look at things like what is Scrum. We've got DSDM. We've got extreme programming. We've got Crystal. And so we have all of these things. And all of them are great. And we really want to make sure that you are at least aware of these things, as well as cognizant of the things you need to know to pass that ACP exam. So one thing that we just want to say to you is, hey, >> buckle up. It's going to be a lot of fun. And Lauren, we've got a lot to cover in these episodes. Absolutely. And I'll be learning right along with you asking questions. And remember, you can always refer to the show notes if you want a little bit more of a clarification. And Chris and I are always available in the forums. And so if you really wanted some extra support, that's always available. Now, Chris, before we jump into the episode, we talked a little bit about who might be the perfect candidate for watching this course. Are there any prerequisites that you might or we might need to know about in order to get ready for the exam as well? >> Yeah. I mean, the good news is that when you do sign up for this, you do need to have a certain amount of project management experience and also project management education. The good news is this course that you're taking is going to provide a good amount of it. And anything else that you need, hey, we have a lot here at ACI Learning at IT Pro. We have everything from Scrum training to the PMP to the CAPM. Feel free to take any one of those courses and add up all of those appropriate credits. And then don't worry, we've got a whole episode telling you how to sign up, the application requirements, things like that. In fact, maybe that's the first episode you want to check out. Great idea. Lauren and I will be waiting for you. Excited to do that. >> So you know what? We're going to start with that episode. So don't hang out with us here. Meet us in the next episode.